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Lord of the Rings versus The Hobbit

- First published in the Nelson Mail’s blog section, 11/10/12

While we’re on the subject of fantasy adaptions, I thought it might be a good time to look at one of my favourite books- … 780 more words

Sarah Dunn

CRIMEA, Day 15: Caves, Bones & The Sorting


That is the only word to describe the Eminé-Bayir-Hasar caves located at the bottom of Chatyr-Dag (“Tent Mountain”) plateau that is part of Crimea’s main mountain range. 393 more words

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Top 5 Wednesday | Top Worlds

Today’s Top 5 Wednesday is all about our top worlds! Oh, how exciting!

5. Shadow and Bone
So yeah, a lot of stuff goes down and it’s not the best place to be when the books are going on. 277 more words

Top 5 Wednesday

The Hobbit 3 - Battle of Five Armies - Trailer RELEASED

There are many exciting movies coming out at the end of this year and one of the most anticipated would be the Hobbit’s conclusion to its trilogy, considering how well made the first two were I’m expecting this one to be just as good. 39 more words

LotR - part 8

Just two sets featuring Luthien Tinuviel from JRR Tolkien’s writings. I’ve put this post under LotR because Beren and Luthien were mentioned in LotR and I highly, highly doubt I’ll be making many sets based on Silmarillion characters….

“Luthien Tinuviel”



misc. Christian - part 9

There was a request for some cheerful sets, so here’s a dancing one, featuring Luthien Tinuviel from JRR Tolkien’s writings.

“Praise You With the Dance” – from Casting Crown’s song of the same name