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An Unexpected Journey


Things have been busy around here. Very hectically busy.

I’ve felt a bit like Bilbo lately. (My siblings aren’t flinging plates about, don’t worry.) Kinda stressed. 120 more words

One Does Not Simply Stroll Through Mordor!

With my sword figuratively sheathed, so as to consolidate what little virility that had been dwindled by the previous skirmish, focused purely on respondent deflection of Zog’s impending attack to which he curtly obliged. 669 more words


A time to embrace; a time to refrain from embracing!

“Now don’t be hasty” to surrender
To some great, ethereal “Will”.
You have tools, and strength, and wit,
Intellect, and other skills.
Use these first, to solve your problems… 62 more words


I Once Was A Hobbit - Part Two

In a Desperate Search for Precious

Gollum eventually left the Misty Mountains and pursued Bilbo a few years later, but the trail was cold. He made his way south into Mordor where all evil was being drawn at the time, discovering the secret stair located near Minas Morgul and surviving an encounter with Shelob.   389 more words

The Shirelings Weekly Bugle

Writing and Music

I know a lot of people who enjoy listening to music when they write. They find the lyrics soothing and the rhythms inspiring. Many of these people are also ones who listen to music constantly, giving themselves a soundtrack while they complete their everyday tasks, whether it be work, school, a commute, or just relaxing. 541 more words


Back To Mordor!!.... again...

This week I will review the awkward love child of Assassins Creed and The Batman Arkham games, otherwise known as Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor! An unofficial title in the Lord Of The Rings series that takes place in Mordor with different characters, but it still has Smeagol, by national law of shut the hell up. 357 more words

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