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Hearing in nonprofessional pop/rock musicians.

A follow up on last weeks post about how music can be used as an aid to help fight hearing loss. When thinking of sound in general, there is always a risk when people do not take the important precautions. 164 more words

Loud Music

The age at which I would like to go to my first concert.

I’d like to go to my first concert when I’m 80. Think about it: it would be perfect:

First of all, I don’t care to be surrounded that close to that many people, especially if there’s moshing going on. 81 more words


Day 19 of #100HappyDays

There is no bigger stress buster than listening to good old loud music!!! Listening to music helps you calm your mind and makes you feel happy. 46 more words


Music for Hearing Loss

A study published by the journal of Hearing found that people who played musical instruments were much better at differentiating between sounds and hearing sounds better then a person who did not play an instrument. 304 more words

Loud Music

Like a Politician

Yesterday was like a politician, all noise and flashy, but little or no action.

The thunder and lightning looked promising, but it all fizzled out with barely any rain. 398 more words


What did you say?

As I approached the intersection of Airport Road and Garfield in Traverse City the light changed from green to yellow and I came to rest in the left turn lane. 499 more words

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Noisy neighbourhood bars traumatize nearby tenants

This city has developed a deaf ear to the tenants around small neighbourhood bars. If you live near one they will harass you by way of excessively loud music. 290 more words