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Tips from the tipster #5

At some stage Baby will be uncomfortable (read terrified) of loud noises. If you intend to still make food, bake or drop plates just pull extraordinarily happy faces and laugh when you turn the blender/beater on.
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Night Noises


Just like any good American couple, Boy Scout and myself went Black Friday shopping, granted it wasn’t at 5 in the morning, we still braved the crowds nonetheless. 885 more words


the adventurous adventures of George The Fish and his human - BIG CITY LIFE

I’ve always wanted to live in the city. And Brisbane? She’s not THAT big of a city… but she’s a lot different to the town of 500 that I grew up in! 287 more words

Big City Life

Noise Sensitivity Solution?

My friend suffers from sound / noise sensitivity and therefore finds public places very difficult. He also suffers from a noise neighbour, who not only plays loud music on occasion but also has a dog that is continually barking. 415 more words

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Why you can hear the 'Arsenal booms' far from Huntsville

Updated Wednesday evening, December 3, 2014: Earlier this evening, munitions demolitions at Redstone Arsenal caused loud booms to be heard across the Tennessee Valley. Below is an explanation on how atmospheric conditions affect how and how far sound waves travel. 273 more words

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Weekend Playlist: People Being Loud On Middle Path

Whether it’s competing demonstrations on Middle Path, or an unwanted quarrel between roommates, here are some tunes for when you want to drown out that noise… 33 more words

10 Things That Are Less Loud Than My Kids

My husband works at night, and usually doesn’t get home until 12:30 p.m. or so. I work part-time from home, many times also at night, after the munchkins go to bed around 8. 321 more words