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How Air France makes deaf customers

You like music? You like the voice of your kids playing in the garden? Or, more simply, you like to hear what people say and what’s around you? 106 more words


Unreliable Or Trustworthy: What Does Your Face Say About You?

Do you judge a human book by its cover? Assign people personality traits based on their faces? Better be careful if you do.

New research… 463 more words


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Carrie's blog on Introverts I can totally relate. I consistently hear "your too pretty to be angry or sad" or "smile" or something to that affect. I am an Introvert and we think way too much hence the seemingly angry or depressed expression. Introverts are consistent thinkers and worriers and Extroverts will never understand. Thanks for sharing Carrie, I hope you didn't mind I re-blogged your article.


Standing on top of a stool and speaking out to the people..

They have heard but did not listen.

They hear the noise,
But do not listen to the cry. 35 more words



Neighbor’s percussion
creates dissonance within
each part of the home.


Silence is desperate.

Close you’re eyes and listen,
The silence is killing,
The muffled sound of quiet,
It speaks more than I ever will.

My thoughts are there, 133 more words