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Scream: The end of an era

Formula 1 is indeed entertainment. It comes with a balanced romance of thrills and speed, danger and talent. However there can be an entirely separate appreciation for the noise alone that a Formula 1 engine expels. 773 more words


36 Dogs Relaxing In Unusual Positions. Prepare To Smile! #28 Really Created Me Laugh Out Loud!

When it’s time to relax or take a nap, dogs are the best at squeezing into almost any position and getting comfortable! Some of the positions they get into look downright awkward, while other positions look like a yoga master’s dream! 19 more words

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Sexual Sounds

I have been self-conscious for a long time about the way I sound in the sack.

For one thing, I’m not very loud. It’s not that I’m quiet (I make noise), it’s just that I don’t make all those loud, guttural moans that I hear women in pornos make. 283 more words



NOISE A SILENT DESTRUCTIVE HAZARD.                                                                                             Hello there, this is Goke Akingbade (your safety guide) bringing you another topic to delve on.Today we will considering Noise and how harmful it is. 409 more words

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Why is this Diwali So fucking Loud!!???

The last time I even thought of lighting a cracker was maybe four years ago? Not because I wanted it that way but I thought “Fuck it, I might as well smoke with this money, It’s the same thing!” 239 more words


Goat Man

Poem inspired by a real person sitting across me on the train ride to school today On the train today, he popped the gum in… 106 more words