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Burning Bridges at Midnight with my Noisy Neighbors

Two nights ago, I had the deep pleasure of meeting the young men that live next door to my new apartment. This occurred a few minutes from midnight on a Wednesday, with me in pajamas and a severe lack of makeup, banging on their door and being greeted by a cloud of weed smoke when it opened immediately. 610 more words


Summer School day 4.

I went surfing for the first time today. I did a lot better than I was expecting to; I actually managed to get up onto my knees. 196 more words

The Ruckus!

A pregnant (dirty) lady

And her three (dirty) kids

In ascending order

Of their height (and their age)


The Delhi Metro Women’s-only coach-

Voicing their weird thoughts… 114 more words

Random Inspirations

Irish bakery bans 'loud American' tourists

Quiet ones presumably welcome. :)

An Irish bakery has banned “loud Americans” from its premises.

Staff at Peter’s Place in Waterville posted a sign in the window that read: “No bus/coach or loud American’s (sic), thank you.”

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Lamentation on Oral Communication

He was always quiet. Always. I could count on him to be either listening or focusing, but always quiet. And I was always talking. Trying to fill the spaces between us, crowd the air with small talk and silly banter that meant nothing in the end. 416 more words

Strange Thoughts

Society is closed off

There is something dreadful that I have noticed recently about society and the way we treat people as a society. This horrible thing is that us as a society are collectively close minded.

Jodie Paterson