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Artist Activist Anne-Marie Culhane - Fruit Routes Harvest 2014

Artist Anne-Marie Culhane during her Fruit Routes Harvest Back to Back walk at Loughborough University

Paul Conneally
October 2014


Not a Sidewalk

I suppose Pavement may well have featured on Peel’s show at some point, but I don’t recall being aware of them until I stated at university in 2001.   210 more words

Sitting for protracted periods increases risk of diabetes, heart disease and death – study

19 OCT 2012

Sitting around compromises health of people- even if they meet typical physical activity guidelines

A new study led by the University of Leicester, in association with colleagues at Loughborough University, has discovered that sitting for long periods increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. 427 more words

Behavior Modification

Glider's tremendous Tim goes to glory

Written by the Bath Gliding Club

Tim Fletcher started gliding in his first year at Bath University and since then has gone solo and become an instructor. 525 more words


Relationship with running...

Apart from the odd egg & spoon race and obstacle races the first running event I took part in was aged 11, the 800m race at sports day. 250 more words

ADT Taxis Student Offers!

If you haven’t seen our recently updated website, ADT Taxis have a number of offers and deals for the student community at Loughborough University. We understand that with student loans, money can be quite tight and that is why we are here to help! 305 more words

Loughborough University and the Students Union - up to their necks in cops ON campus!

Welcome to campus:

We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files
We’d like to help you learn to help yourself.
Look around you all you see are sympathetic eyes, 435 more words

Loughborough Students Union