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Minister Louis Farrakhan Gives Eulogy for Mayor Marion Barry [VIDEO]

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Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful eulogy for former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.
As four term mayor of Washington, D.C., Barry broke down walls politically and socially for Blacks living and doing business with the city. 11 more words

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Thousands honor Marion Barry, DC's 'Mayor for Life'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Local and national political leaders, prominent clergy and ordinary Washingtonians who got their first jobs as a result of Marion Barry’s programs were among the thousands who gathered Saturday to say goodbye to the man dubbed “Mayor for Life.” 775 more words


You Had To Know THIS Word Would Appear Somewhere!

It happens every time there is some sort of perceived racial bias toward blacks. You know it’s going to happen, and it always does. It’s never going to stop. 529 more words

Holder To "End Racial Profiling"

Attorney General Eric “the racist” Holder is in his element when it comes to talking about Ferguson, Missouri. There’s no denying that! Give Holder, Al “the tax fraud” Sharpton, Jesse “I’m almost MLK” Jackson, and Barack “Bobo” Obama the chance to talk about race, and watch out. 524 more words