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Poet, were you mad?
Your blood and sweat
for all to see…
Your words scream “Coward”
they fill me with shame.
Do you despise weakness?
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Writing on the Walls, Pages

Last year — Or what is this year? — a former college roommate of mine posted a picture of his reading a Louise Gluck poem. It’s a powerful poem in my opinion, and it resonated enough and wedge itself in between my mind and skull to look for the book when in a used bookstore. 620 more words


Sip on This - Lavender Tea

The relaxation and de-stressing benefits of lavender do not stop at the nose. Curling up with a cup of lavender tea is a wonderful way to calm down and unwind. 189 more words

Labor Day (Louise Gluck)

Requiring something lovely on his arm
Took me to Stamford, Connecticut, a quasi-farm,
His family’s; later picking up the mammoth
Girlfriend of Charlie, meanwhile trying to pawn me off… 51 more words


I am in her head forever.....

In the end, I made myself
Known to your wife as
A god would, in her own house, in
Ithaca, a voice
Without a body: she… 72 more words


I know what is real and I will remember how to steal back what is mine.

The assignment was to fall in love.
The details were up to you.
The second part was
to include in the poem certain words,
words drawn from a specific text… 9 more words

Prism, Louise Glück

Prism, Louise Glück

Who can say what the world is? The world
is in flux, therefore
unreadable, the winds shifting,
the great plates invisibly shifting and changing– 942 more words

Louise Glück