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I write about you all the time....

“I write about you all the time, I said aloud.
Every time I say “I,” it refers to you.”

Louise Gluck


Essay: The Poetry of Louise Glück, 1975-1990

In honour of Ms Glück having recently published a new collection – which alas I have not yet read – here is an essay I wrote about her early work back in 2009/10. 152 more words


The power of poetry

What links Groucho Marx and Alice Walker? Why, croquet of course! It’s amazing what you can learn at a Poetry with Friends session.

Tonight’s Poetry with Friends at The Mission… 177 more words

Finding Poetry

Dear lovers and writers of poetryThere’s nothing for you here today, nothing at all, except the first mewling cries of someone who is trying to understand why and how poetry is speaking to me even though I hardly understand a word. 1,015 more words

Image-Text-Music, 10.2.14 -- Kenneth Noland, Louise Gluck, Neil Young

“Messengers,” by Louise Glück

You have only to wait, they will find you.
The geese flying low over the marsh,
glittering in black water.
They find you. 105 more words


"And here I am, at the center of all beauty! Imagine!"

In high school, I was too contarian to take part in the “25 things you don’t know about me” meme that once swept Facebook. This time around, I see the request to list 10 influential books, or 10 poems.* I’ll do poems because–much as I love books–this selection is more unexpected and, perhaps, in some small way, more personal. 612 more words