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Gulf Coast Mandeville Half

What do you get when you mix some gorgeous weather,scenery and about 1000 of your closest running buddies? To me it sounds like the recipe for a great race day!  572 more words

New Orleans Celebrates Culture

This week, culture and fun meet in New Orleans as the city will be host of three festivals which will celebrate the people and cultures that make NOLA special. 72 more words


The beginning

This summer started the long and informative journey that is my Independent Study. Ready to retrace the steps of the Red River Campaign, my dad, mom, and I got in the car and headed East towards Louisiana. 573 more words

Civil War

Sunset Along The Mississipi River

The light progressively changed, from heavenly bleu the sky dyed
with vibrant love colors: various shades of oranges, pinks, purples… The sun was going down. Just beautiful. 45 more words

Baton Rouge

Omens, Superstitions and Wives' Tales!

Anyone fishermen you talk to will tell you what kinds of omens they look for or superstitions they believe in for a good or bad day of fishing. 427 more words


On the Half Shell!

Catching fish is a great time,but cooking your catch is what makes the trip worth while. Louisiana is known for amazing cooking and it’s a unique way of cooking. 315 more words