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I M Pei pyramid and courtyard

In this photo you can see the famous I M Pei pyramid and the courtyard of the Louvre Museum, also showing some of the concrete blocks which are placed around specifically for tourists to use to get a great vantage point for a photo. 14 more words

Some gardens and statue near the Louvre

The Louvre Museum can be found at one of end the Tuilleries Gardens, which makes for a popular place to stop and sit down or to find some of the many statues which are scattered around the gardens and up to the Louvre. 12 more words

Set of planes going towards the Musee Louvre

In this photograph you can see a shot of one larger plane, followed by two smaller ones as they head in the direction of the Louvre Museum from the Tuilleries Gardens. 12 more words

Helicopters over the Louvre

Here you can see a photo of three helicopters going over the famous Louvre Museum, with a picture of another photographer also capturing the moment. 15 more words