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Enligt mig har hösten kommit nu.

För några dagar sedan snöade det i de högsta bergtopparna längst norrut i Sverige.

Därför vill jag snabbt sammanfatta sommaren 2014. 62 more words

Sometimes I just...

My cat just threw up all over the end of my bed… Gross!

I finally have the Money to by just the thing I want, but i have to go outside to actually by it. 120 more words


And it looks like Lov won the poll!

Awesome, cause I love that little black halfdragon. He’s so fun to write about. To bad I still have him backed into a corner….I want to rewrite the part I’m stuck on, but I think it will change the rest of the story too much. 51 more words


Jag är tillbaka!!!

Ja, nu är jag tillbaka igen från ett kanske lite väl långt skrivuppehåll! :/ men nu tänke jag börja skriva mer regelbundet igen :)

Idag var det orienterings-stafett som gällde!! 103 more words


Six easy ways to EARN even after your death.

1)Give a copy of religious book to someone. Every time one reads it, you GAIN.

2)Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Every time sick person uses it, you GAIN. 60 more words


10 words #8

I gave you roses, but you gave me the thorns.

Can you feel me?

Under the leaves which have freshly fallen,

Under the browned, softer ones and

Under the mulch and humus debris beneath them,

Lies my soul, chest to chest with the earth. 93 more words