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I pose this question to myself, because I really don’t know who I am. You think you know who you are and you portray that person to everyone, your children, husband, family and friends….till one day you wake up and realise that is not who you are. 929 more words


Random Thought #3: Where have all the Cowboy's Gone?

I grew up in the Disney era, Prince Charming, John Smith and Aladdin were all going to rescue the princess from her inevitable doom.

The “Pretty Women” complex where even a simple prostitute was worth some “Knight”, that was going to save her. 350 more words


Scared Again

I’m scared to want to try again, but…I think I want to try again.

I’m scared to tell my friends and listen to them say, “He broke your heart, Taylor. 236 more words


Romance at Home

I believe in romance.  I also believe in all of the topics I have written about: posts that encourage spouses to show their love for one another with gestures, pet names, love letters, planned dates, public expressions of love and good manners, writings about noticing small acts of love from others and carrying out a few ourselves, stories of special memories of how someone met their spouse, or of their wedding proposal, or of their honeymoon, advice from readers about what makes their relationship work, and one guest blog about how music can keep the romance alive and another about creating a legacy of love for our children. 788 more words


the 1st

Your wool sweater is
missing every button but
o           n           e
strangling your brittle neck
balancing your head like an acrobat
  r o u n d… 59 more words


Remember J? 10 Years

In a place that won’t let us feel
In a life where nothing seems real
I have found you
I have found you
In a world that’s moving too fast… 242 more words