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Number One Bitch

“I feel ridiculous in this outfit Paul,” I said.

“Babe, you look fucking amazing.  Everyone is looking at you.”

“I know….everyone is looking at me.  I don’t want them to.” 1,441 more words


Where have you been hidden?

Where have you been hidden?
She said dreamily…

Fragile exterior
Stronger mind
Her rainbow eyes illuminate
the gate across the river
‘Cause she can see it… 117 more words


From Me To You

Some words of wisdom from me to you, and possibly back to me in the future.

Stop giving up. I mean, just stop. Finish what you start. 204 more words


Not Just Another Proposal.

Just in case you needed to smile or laugh… or cry. lol (good tears though!)

Here’s a proposal that I re-watched and yes cried too. I hope we’re all lucky enough to find a love like this someday. 47 more words


Life: A Mirage

Ever heard about a mirage? Yeah, the one in the deserts. Our life is just like a mirage, it’s an illusion. But even after understanding that, we strive hard to get away from the scorching heat of the sun (our problems) by reaching the mirage. 254 more words



It looms large between us filling the room.
He feeds it every day, tries to clean up after it.
He smiles and gives me a glass of tea. 139 more words