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The ONE great love of your life!

It may sound cliché considering I am VERY young, but you know like all of us have ONE great love in our lives, so do I! 343 more words


The Boiled Frog

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. ~Krishnamurti

I’ve been in this world for about three decades now, and my eyes have seen a lot. 1,163 more words


A weekend of celebrations and family quality time

This past weekend we traveled to Swaziland for a bit of some chill time and spend some quality time with the family. The main reason though was to celebrate our dad’s 70th birthday with him. 686 more words


I’m not the best writer.

But, at least, I get to say out my feelings and thoughts.

- a.l.


As I wait

I come with baggage and insecurities…
On the outside I’m strong…
Inside I don’t trust…
I may look pretty to some…
but inside I feel ugly and undesirable … 207 more words