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come out of hiding

So all your life you have been wondering, can anyone really love you for who you are. If they knew who you really are, exactly what you have done, what you have said — surely they wouldn’t love you. 481 more words


Off we go.

Excited like there is no tomorrow! (Thank god there is a tomorrow as that is our day for departure.) Packing is prepared, taxi arrives at 10.30 am to take us to the train station. 262 more words


Fail, just this once

I wish you had failed me just one more time. Would have become a lot easier to let you go…


The 7 Stages Of Getting Back Together With Yourself

Nothing sucks more than a break-up or a heartbreak. We’ve all been there, on the bathroom floor (or any floor for that matter), gasping for air, and asking the heavens or whoever was willing to listen: why? 1,653 more words



This is a clarion call

You saw the dirty fall

There is none in your net, no ball

So why can’t we form a happy wall? 56 more words


RECIPE: 1,2,3,4 Bundt Cake with Easy Caramel (or Fruit Glaze) Icing

You never know, when you set your sail, just how the winds will blow, so I’m continuing to learn and grow and be surprised by all manner of reactions to this blog, almost universally positive, and perhaps the most unexpected response, so far, is the wide appreciation I’m getting for the recipes I’ve been posting from our Fire Island kitchen, largely drawn from Saturday dinners around our communal table. 981 more words