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I recently bought this beautiful print from the artist Kristina Brozicevic

It makes me smile every time I walk pass it, so sweet!

Bunnies in Love!


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the founder’s of this new skincare product from¬†INDEED LABORATORIES in London. ¬†With great passion she gave me a knowledgable insight into the philosophy of their brand, I loved her honest assessment and beliefs related to skincare. 164 more words

Getting my thoughts together

Getting my thoughts together
I wonder what it takes
To bring all the emotions that flood inside of me
That can barely scratch the surface. 255 more words

My Poems

Why Telling Lies Is Bad For Any Relationship

Recently there was a lie told about me that didn’t sit well with me. I think white lies or lying because you want to do something nice or not hurt someone is better than something like money, social, sexual, health – just something BIG to lie about. 774 more words

Personal Development

“Trust in the wisdom of your soul, it already knows who is destined to walk beside you, as you travel along your spiritual journey. ~ Imani Nia