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Relationship Partner?

I’ve been in four relationships and I can honestly say I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A RELATIONSHIP.

It’s weird and annoying. It’s like I went through all that heartbreak for nothing. 286 more words

Love Actually

Love Actually

Today I was thinking…why does it always seem to take something extreme to put things into perspective?

Do we really have to see an inspiring movie, or listen to a song that moves or cuts to the heart, to REALIZE how short life is, and that the little petty things are unimportant? 656 more words

These days

It’s either work,  engagements, or babies.

The Lord has given me work  before graduation and I am greatly grateful  no matter how hard it is for me now. 512 more words



Love Actually has a narrative similar of VVHW as it has a multitude of characters who are explored during the film until the character’s paths cross and their connections are realised. 363 more words


I'll never tell you

Dear readers, I’d like to apologise for the recent posts about my aching heart. It’s really rather insignificant in the bigger picture of life and exams but somehow, because of conversations with friends and reading as well as watching lovey dovey manga/shows, I am reminded of my feelings that I feel utterly burdened by. 686 more words


Top Ten Movies to See Before You Die~

(These are in no particular order,all are amazing in their own right)

1) Life of Pi (2012)

~This movie is one of he best visually iv seen. 391 more words

On a different spectrum.

He sat in front of his classroom waiting for time to pass. She saw him from across the hall and slowly approached.


“Are you okay?” she said. 572 more words

Love Actually