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Friends (or lackthereof) and more on the Law of Attraction

I was texting with a new SLAA friend this morning who is also going through a breakup with someone who is separated. We’ve been texting back and forth quite a bit with our stories, struggles and ways to heal our way through the pain. 961 more words

Yesterday was kinda ruffffffff

Yes. Yesterday was one of the lower points I’ve reached in a while.

Every divorce expert I read mentions the recovery process as an up and down journey– the lows becoming less and less crippling eventually, with less frequency. 141 more words

A "slip" doesn't always look like a slip

In love addiction recovery, “slips” tend to look like one thing and one thing only: you, hitting a weak point and crawling back to your person of addiction (PoA) when you should be maintaining “no contact” (NC). 702 more words


No photo, no date...

Happy Sunday…I did a 20 miler yesterday and have a sore hip (in preparation for my NJ full marathon in 2 weeks) so I decided to keep today’s blog very brief and to the point. 195 more words

Man Addiction

First Meetings: Water seeks it's own level.

This week has been a very inspirational week thanks to all of the meetings I’ve been attending. With Nicole (my friend who introduced me to SLAA and the concepts behind it) guiding my way and the support that I’ve been getting from the meetings, these have been some of the best days I’ve had in over a month/since the breakup happened. 1,137 more words

Discover the Art of Detachment

Detachment. Synonyms include aloofness, indifference, and disconnection. These words sound harsh when linked with relationships. However, detaching with love can be the greatest gift we can give ourselves. 808 more words


Hi, I'm a Love Addict.

Well, here we are: I’m starting a blog about Love Addiction and you’re reading it.

I went to my first SLAA meeting last Friday night. I was feeling so low that burst into tears when I shared. 1,804 more words