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He loves me not. Good!

The Love Avoidant (LAv) always seems so calm, cool and collected.  Usually VERY handsome, sexy and in control….. The one that has it all figured out.  320 more words

Love Addiction

Titanic ride, anyone?

Everything is going well, communication with my LA has been satisfactory all day.  No signs of running on his part.  Texting still outweighs the calls but the messages are filled with pretty words and sweetness.  694 more words

Love Addiction


Found an old roll of 35mm film last week while cleaning out an old camera bag. Took it to the local drug store to have it developed and yesterday, picked it up. 310 more words


Beware of the dating scam...

Happy Sunday on a Saturday. Headed out on a cruise ship with my favorite man (my Dad) and realize since I will be “off the grid” on Sunday, I need to post today. 540 more words

A Quick Way Out

If there was a way not to be me today, I would gladly try it out. It’s Saturday, and as with the last three, I don’t feel very well. 781 more words


The Wounded Bird

I read this book on love addiction called Facing Love Addiction by Pia Mellody after watching an interview that Oprah did with Alanis Morrisette. Of all the things that I have read about alcoholism, addiction, and codependency this book by Pia Mellody spoke to me like none other has ever spoke to me in my life. 1,274 more words


It's ok to not "do life" the way my mother did...

Happy Sunday. No dating stories today. Just some dating wisdom along with some life wisdom. I would like to thank writer Elizabeth Gilbert for inspiring me this week. 441 more words