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Pornography Addiction

The term “pornography addiction” always gets a  raised eyebrow reaction. But, what make it so addictive? Why should it matter? People are free to have their own interests. 802 more words


Love addiction

After our first date, I find myself fantasying about you for hours.  I like you, I might even feel like I love you.  I could even start to plan our wedding, the names of our children and the types of dogs we will own.  372 more words


Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.

Why is it that we sabotage our own happiness?  Why are we so determined to NOT be loved or to be in a torturous state as to whether the relationship will go south or not.  371 more words


"I have a friend for you"...More Tales From a Boy Addict

So those of you who are single ABSOLUTELY KNOW  the phrase “I have a friend for you”.  Heck, even if you are married, you most certainly remember this phrase when you were in your younger “single days”.  402 more words

the love drug

I’ve awakened to a startling clarity that my love addiction works overtime, patiently waiting for a weak moment to reassert itself, like a dormant sickness that lies in wait for stress to shake down your immune system. 1,476 more words


When was the last time you said ‘I love you’

When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to yourself?   If it was a long time ago or never, now is the perfect time to change that. 543 more words


Ex-husband, I cannot reply

Two years ago we reconnected when your father passed away. I happened to find his obituary on the internet a mere month after his passing. That led me to search for an email address for you. 1,167 more words