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Sisters before Mr.'s!

Happy Sunday. I’ve been told by many boys I have good looking female friends. This I do. And many of my good looking female friends have suffered with their male counterparts over the years. 292 more words

9 Ways Love is Just Like Cocaine

Okay, so maybe you’re not a recreational drug user (or maybe you are, who cares?), but… you could be “using” a drug of a different kind… 623 more words


Down Low Dating...

Happy Sunday. Today I would like to embark upon a “sensitive” subject that I have encountered often. I know that this topic is not one I hear much about, but I have come across this scenario routinely in my Internet dating. 417 more words

When Britney Went Crazy - I Went Crazy!

Matthew 19: 16 The rich man had too many possessions to give up before he could follow Jesus.

In the passage above a rich man eagerly approaches Jesus with his own personal checklist of accomplishments and asks, “what shall I do next to follow you?”  Jesus responded, “sell all your possessions and give away your money.”  To which the man responded by walking away since he wasn’t ready to give up his treasure. 520 more words


It Was Obsessive At First Sight

Luke 23 Jesus didn’t die on the cross for my sins but to show me what love is all about.

I remember the day when I consciously realized why Jesus had been hanging up on the crucifix after all these years; it was the year after I thought I had fallen in love. 558 more words


Is It Love or Love Addiction?

Healthy love is wonderful and makes life worthwhile. On the other hand, “love addiction” can cause pain, suffering, and even death. Knowing the difference between love and “love addiction” can be life-saving. 234 more words

Chosing Wrong Partners

When the boy you are on the date with says he wants to "go slow"...

Happy Sunday and Happy 4th of July weekend. As we celebrate our independence as a country, I reflect upon celebrating my independence as a single, strong woman in my mid forties who has the courage to continue dating in the hopes of “meeting my man”. 500 more words