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Beautiful Day of being Seen

Holy mother of Merman and Martin, this has been a beautiful day. So much good, not the least of which was finding this in my Twitter timeline: 646 more words


Solve pain, find your neutral self

Recently I wondered…. and discovered the importance of the neutral self. This was the case. If LOVE just is by the simple fact of being, why do we feel hurt, agony and pain? 109 more words

Love and Light.....The story.

Just got back from Taita Taveta, which happens to be my family rural home, I laid my grandmother to rest, (hardest thing ever)….but thats a story for another post because i have much detail of it. 1,151 more words


Give in to Good

Sometimes life gives us amazing opportunities in the form of hardship. My latest adventure brought me under the knife in an emergency appendectomy. My lesson this time was about the power of giving in and accepting the good that is around me. 252 more words

a LIFE regenerating ! Love and Light have returned

I can only WHOLE-HEART-edly recommend this high fruit lifestyle ! Getting enough rest nightly, eliminating feelings of lust, desire….focusing more on helping and healing others and dancing in the thoughts of laughter and light is KEY. 272 more words

Let There Be Light

Light represents all that is good.

Let your light shine.

The funeral is on Saturday. Everyone is asked to wear colorful clothing and to avoid the darkness.   63 more words

Expect miracles

At every moment of your life, the universe is either expressing a miracle or is pregnant with the next one.

- Marianne Williamson

In a time when the stock market takes a free fall, couples split and the whole universe seems to be shaky… it is incredibly inspiring to know that all is good. 30 more words