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LOVE this weekend

It’s perfectly normal to have busy weeks. And since summer is behind us for a lot of us and our lazy days are over, we have a lot of these busy weeks in front of us. 62 more words

The importance of a plan

For some people, life happens by just breathing.

They run easily into a loving relationship, magically that job appears their social life is cosy and getting pregnant is the most easiest thing in the world. 173 more words

A Different Darkness

I love sleeping at my sister Linda’s house. I sleep ten hours and wake feeling great every time I visit. Many factors work together to create an environment perfect for sleeping, and my sister’s unconditional love is the biggest one. 547 more words


My Joy

Why is My joy your strength? Why do I point you to joy when you are surrounded by fear and sorrow? Joy is like light, it casts out all darkness. 416 more words


Homemade Nut Milk

Homemade nut milk?! You bet! You can make nut milk at home and it’s so easy, y’all.

If you’re like me and you avoid dairy and soy milk, then you’ve probably been trying various nut milks from the store. 339 more words

Delicious Nourishment

Religion vs Spirituality...

They say there are 3 things that you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company… religion, politics and sex…

So… I guess I probably don’t keep polite company but the company I do like to keep, likes to discuss pretty much anything and everything and the best company I keep is with those who don’t expect everybody to agree with everybody all the time… 525 more words

You Are Loved

Never forget that even in the darkest of times, you are loved!