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Queen Alexandra - Bday (A poem from Mama)

Over and above everything I am a mummy, and this past weekend we celebrated my daughters 12th birthday. This was a big deal for us, we love birthdays, we love celebrations and for me it was also a way of just thanking God for 12 years, GOODNESS!!! 494 more words

Livvy Kitawa

Walking towards fear or towards LOVE

We are either walking in the direction of fear or in the direction of LOVE.

Marianne Williamson has the extraordinary talent to tell the truth in a very simple and profound way. 183 more words

Love and light to Thay

Plum Village, in posting its update on Thay’s health today, asks that we generate the “energy of Great Compassion of Avalokita for Thay.”  May this chant to Avalokita bring Thich Nhat Hanh ~ and you ~ light and peace. 13 more words


The Art of the Shapeshifter: Warlock Asylum Interviews Robyn Polo About Ayahuasca, Life, and the Amenonuhoko Healing Method

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Art of Ninzuwu blog page. If this is your first time visiting us, we suggest that you take this opportunity to review some of our previous articles. 2,792 more words

Art Of Ninzuwu

Looking Back.....

Looking back….

The things that mattered then, barely matter now….

Looking back….

The boys who we loved we hardly even think about any more

Looking back…. 596 more words



You are, with each layer peeled, more beautiful…

The meaning of taking yourself seriously

Do find yourself in the same (unwanted) situations over and over again? It happens to a lot of us.

  • Oops, ate that cookie.
  • Stayed in front of the tv instead hitting the gym.
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