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Religion vs Spirituality...

They say there are 3 things that you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company… religion, politics and sex…

So… I guess I probably don’t keep polite company but the company I do like to keep, likes to discuss pretty much anything and everything and the best company I keep is with those who don’t expect everybody to agree with everybody all the time… 525 more words

You Are Loved

Never forget that even in the darkest of times, you are loved!


Entering Enlightenment

As I was headed to a Saturday brunch with one of my girlfriends, I was accosted with ignorance. I took a different route to try and cut the time down, which in hindsight was foolish but my path to Enlightenment is that much clearer because of it. 458 more words

Freedom, hope and LOVE

What do you do when you don’t think you have another choice other then ‘just wanting it to be over’? Life I mean. The feeling of that despair made me want to do something about that. 49 more words

LOVE and Robin Williams

What a news we woke up with today. The world mourns about the -unfortunately- late actor Robin Wlliams. And so we should, the man was brilliant. 195 more words

Chopped Brussels Sprouts Salad, kiddos!

As a kid, Brussels sprouts were pretty much my no. 1 mortal enemy at the kitchen table (along with collard greens and some horse-pill-sized brownish vitamins mom used to force us to swallow with dinner.) I used to spit these vile things into my napkin or hide them under my plate — anything to avoid having to eat the evil green tiny cabbages. 420 more words

Delicious Nourishment

I love you...

People constantly ask me, did you always want a baby? Do you like being a mom? The answer is yes and abso-freaking-lutely. Was there a time I thought I may not have a baby? 972 more words