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Not a Good Day? You Can Change That.

So I go to Arapahoe High School. If you haven’t heard of it, a shooting took place there last year on this date. I don’t really talk about it much, because people usually get incredibly awkward, because they can’t stand talking about “such an awful thing”. 260 more words

The Epitome of Love

It’s easy to get confused on what love really is. It’s easy to misconstrue the foundation of this four letter word, love. You see there should be a standard to love by. 607 more words

Love Conquers All

Fighting Back

We think we fight with people. In actuality we fight with evil forces and spirits that are within or work against people. Are you mad at your spouse? 1,035 more words

Weekly Encouragement

Food for Pride

It cackled at me as I walked in
Overpowered his genuine, “Good morning, sweetie.”
The black and purple ringlets circled his neck
Just like how his ring once circle my finger… 296 more words


Instant Analysis: Transcendence and endurance in Interstellar

Warning: Spoilers below.

In Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, space stories are, at their hearts, human stories.

This one has an oversized beating one that foregrounds a seemingly mundane task — a space mission to Saturn — and burdens it with the weight of the entire human race and a promise made by a dedicated father. 476 more words



This is visually stunning and I had no idea it existed. Had to share the beauty.

Destino. A Disney and Dali collaboration. Exquisite.


Nego True

I watch and listen to a lot of spoken word on YouTube and my favourite artist is officially Nego True.
Some of these poets bring knowledge, wisdom, witty word play or unique experiences but Nego True’s greatest asset is his raw passion. 83 more words

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