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Birthday Wish

I don’t know what it is, but I’m sad all the time.  My teacher was talking about how being inlove is good for your health. But I’ve never been inlove. 315 more words

Music Mondays: Rude (Magic)

We dream of finding that one true love. Once we do, we go through great lengths to prove and protect this love, even at the cost of our lives. 289 more words

Will you accept the challenge?

Reverse The Hate 

Orlando Jones’s bucket challenge is beautiful, powerful, and exactly what I want to see happen within this world. WE really can all get along with LOVE! 15 more words

50/365: Love Conquers All...most Anything

So this idea is complicated to explain, but here I go:

A lot of people say that love can conquer anything: distance, time, age, and whatever other obstacles can get in the way of relationships. 277 more words

Romance/ Relationships

Orbitas | by PrimerFrame on Vimeo

via Orbitas | by PrimerFrame on Vimeo.

What a charming little fantasy this is…

from PrimerFrame

Orbitas es un cortometraje de PrimerFrame.com realizado integramente por sus alumnos, que ha cosechado multitud de premios nacionales e internacionales.

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Fool for You

The Hill Heart Foundation Exclusive Album
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Notes from the Producer

Music is the grease on the wheels of life. That’s how I’ve always thought of it. 564 more words

Soft hearts and hard feet

In 1966 a 21year old college student ended up traveling to Hong Kong when the cultural revolution was beginning in China. There were loads of refugees trying to get across the boarder into Hong Kong. 398 more words