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This is visually stunning and I had no idea it existed. Had to share the beauty.

Destino. A Disney and Dali collaboration. Exquisite.


Nego True

I watch and listen to a lot of spoken word on YouTube and my favourite artist is officially Nego True.
Some of these poets bring knowledge, wisdom, witty word play or unique experiences but Nego True’s greatest asset is his raw passion. 83 more words

My Music

Love... for the win

I love the movie Little Women. In one scene after Great Aunt March passes away, Marmee exclaims about the old, drafty house she left behind, “Her blessings became a burden because she couldn’t share them.” That may be the only thing to come out of that particular actress’s mouth that I have ever and will ever agree with. 284 more words

Real Life

“Love Conquers All”

“Love Conquers All”

This saying is dressed up, down, and twisted around in various ways in traditional folk wisdom and in popular self-help material. Two very popular rules are the Golden Rule, and the more current Platinum Rule: 308 more words


Love conquers all (a duet poem)

the scrapes and cuts of our childhood
broken bones that eventually healed
infatuations that bruised our hearts
someone helped us always to recover
love conquers all… 111 more words



From an oily puddle of the darkest dark
Dripping hands rise to grip your heart.
Eyes grow wide as a face appears
The deathly skull of the ancient one, Fear. 163 more words

Gender Neutral Love Poems


From “The Poems of John H. Watson”
Reprinted By M. Vernet
The Missing Years 1883 – 1886


From an oily puddle of the darkest dark… 185 more words

Sherlock Holmes