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Things I Love and Hate About Being Pregnant


The calmness of everything because I am encouraged to relax and be stress free. All I do is relax and leisurely activities. I am being treated like a Queen, pampered to the core. 549 more words


Love-Hate Relationship with Treadmill

I have a love hate relationship with treadmill. I hate living with it but I can’t live without it either. As much as I love to run outdoor sometimes the circumstances are just unsuitable. 170 more words


Coming back from my spring break two days ago, I felt a rush of Happiness then an even bigger wave of sadness sweep over me within a matter of seconds. 123 more words

Why I Love You, Always

I know we are a poor country and yet when I look at the people from the west, the clean, slick neighborhoods with well paved roads and quiet lanes, I can’t help but feel sad for them. 528 more words

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A Love Letter to my Lover

I Love you, I hate you that’s how it is.

Sometimes I just don’t want to see you,
at times your silence is deafening, most of the time you wouldn’t even give back… 207 more words


Happy Steak & a Blowjob Day

It’s National Steak & a Blowjob Day!

Celebrate by…. well, YOU KNOW.

And how will I celebrate? How does a single woman celebrate S & B Day? 60 more words