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[Chương 27] Love Hurts - Sự thật

Chương 27. Sự thật

“Mày muốn gì?”

“Tao phải là người hỏi mày mới đúng. Mày muốn cái gì, Yunho? Mày thực sự yêu Jaejoong sao?” 3,967 more words


Gestern Abend haben John und ich A und M getroffen. Wir waren in einer Bar und haben geredet. Etwas von uns entfernt saßen zwei Männer und John hat mitbekommen, dass ich einen immer wieder angesehen habe. 461 more words

Love Hurts


“I have lost someone whom i loved as a brother, as a lover, as a closest friend, as a remarkable human being. We have also lost one of the best damn actor we will ever see.”- Jack Lemon…

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Another Way Of Eating

Because it all went a little bit too well with my new diet, Love decided to add on to it to make it more annoying for me. 685 more words

Love Hurts

Cumming Again

This morning when Love and I sat at the table, he had a little surprise for me. “It’s a nice day. What do you think about cumming today?”. 980 more words

Love Hurts

Some feedback for willing participants in closed loop feedback experiments on people

Guest Post/Comments By The Parliamentarian:

For Those Who Think They Are “Down” Only Because Lucas Says so..Time for some self reflection.