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Love Back From the Dead

This whole weekend, my boyfriend of over a year was working a lot of overtime, so I didn’t get to see him. So, as per usual Mel-Behavior, I thought about him a lot. 483 more words

Love Is Louder

Hello lovelies,

Due to the assignment-filled chaos that is being back at uni, I haven’t had time to post anything since the summer. Things are going well for me so far…I feel somewhat on top of things, I’m eating healthily, I’m happy with the work I’m doing, and I’m spending lots of time being social. 2,143 more words

Mental Health

Love is Louder List II

Poooooof! And another month gone. Wowzers. My weekly contributions have been piling up in my head but not on paper. It’s high time I articulated the GOOD and the LOVE that is happening all around me, all the time. 326 more words


How I Saved Myself

If you’ve been reading about my journey so far, you know what I’ve been planning to kill myself. I have been stuck in a very special type of hell where all of my realest nightmares came alive in front of me, killing me every day from the inside out. 1,008 more words

My mental illness

I never thought of myself as having a mental illness. I just assumed that my urges, my anxiety, and my insecurities were normal; that they were common. 352 more words

We're all doing our best to live

We all have a story
No need to hide from me
We’re all doing our best to live

I know it gets lonely,
Trust me I’ve been there
But it’s only temporary
You don’t have to be scared 
There’s no need to run from me
We’re all doing our best to live… 122 more words

Happy Spirit Day 2014

Today is Spirit Day, which is a day to stand in support and solidarity of the LGBTQ Community. I too stand in solidarity for the LGBTQ Community, as a follower of Christ / Red Letter Christian I am compelled to. 399 more words