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Happy Spirit Day 2014

Today is Spirit Day, which is a day to stand in support and solidarity of the LGBTQ Community. I too stand in solidarity for the LGBTQ Community, as a follower of Christ / Red Letter Christian I am compelled to. 399 more words

Closets are for Clothes

As I am sure many of you already know, today is National Coming Out Day. Every year when October 11th rolls around, I start the day by wondering why we need to have it. 1,878 more words


Love is Louder List

I’m inspired. (Uh oh.) No, this is a really good sign.

The distance between my head and heart got too long. Longer than I’d like to admit. 353 more words


Back to the Love Story

Thanks for letting me be extremely crazy the last couple months. In all honesty I’m still pretty crazy and damaged but that’s what makes for a good hero, right? 490 more words

A Letter

This weekend I have been so filled with love. It’s been such a change from the last couple months that I’m almost more afraid of this weekend ending than I am of the side of me that wants each and every day to end with a peaceful and unexplained death. 475 more words

Love is Louder!! A story of the amazing people you meet on the journey.

One of the things you have to just accept as a road warrior is that you are going to spend a lot of time alone.  On planes, on shuttle buses, waiting at the airport, hanging in hotel rooms……you have a lot of time to yourself.  865 more words

Road Warrior

Thought Of The Day

“It’s okay not to be okay.”

Sometimes life throws things at us that knocks us off balance, that no matter how much we try not to…gets to us. 108 more words