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So I'll Never Date Again

Recently I was speaking with a male friend of mine who is on a Tinder rampage, meeting a new girl at least every other day. I try to keep up with his stories, but it’s exhausting. 891 more words


Your Love Lessons

Listener Love Lessons ….

  • Treat your mate with respect and honor
  • You are not always right. But you are not always wrong
  • To pay attention to mixed signals!
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Ladawn Black

How To Argue The Right Way

A good argument is a productive argument. One that either solves a problem or motivates you to better yourself.

I can easily say that my significant other and I have never had an argument that was not productive.. 678 more words

Love Lessons

The Difference Between 19 and 20

Is really big. I’m not twenty years old yet, but I realized the other day that I am only 5 months away. It scared the shit out of me. 540 more words

Life Lessons

Regency RO-mance Review: Reforming the Rogue by Donna Simpson

I received this novella as a download from Netgalley.

The Pelham sisters: Though of respectable — but undistinguished birth, the Pelham family finances (or lack thereof) force sisters Jessica and Linnet to earn their own keep. 711 more words


20 Quotes That Prove Judy Blume Taught Us Everything About Life, Sex, And Growing Up

“I am not scared of you. I am scare of these feelings.”

“A person without curiosity may as well be dead.”

“That’s not a bad word. 454 more words

The lesson call love

The lesson call love

People often say that people have a love life ,
But marriage is often not be his -
In this regard, I have reservations. 240 more words