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I am Aphrodite

Take on your inspiration.
Yes, take it on.

Live in the space that you ARE what you’re inspired by.
In doing what it takes to honor my inner light and let it shine shine shine to allow for you to honor yours, I made the practice of taking on my inspiration a must. 756 more words

Love Lessons

There ain't nothing authentic about being nice

Three words in response to being nice:

Knock. It. Off.

Nice had a slimy connotation. It goes right along with the experience of being taken advantage of. 472 more words

Love Lessons

For the Love of Snow Part II

Although my aversion to cold is absolute, I love to watch the snow fall.  I could quite literally watch it snow for hours, it makes my brain feel good so I indulge and take a few minutes to meditate on it whenever I get the opportunity, which is probably a far safer way to spend my down time than my borderline addiction to browsing Craig’s List, the 24 hour garage sale. 2,450 more words


"Gettin it In" vs "Getting it Right"


Sex… Well this is a topic that can be endless. So lets starts with a little vocabulary lesson for those who aren’t “down” with today’s “lingo”. 540 more words

Dating Diaries

On being with yourself

I used to hate being with myself. I used to fill my time with busy chores, must-dos, and overextended schedules.  I was absolutely addicted to “getting there”.   974 more words

Love Lessons

5 love lessons good mothers teach their daughters

There is no doubt, that only your mom may teach you certain lessons for love and life. Your elder sister may not have enough wisdom and your granny may not be as relatable. 318 more words

Cleaning Tips

Pleased vs happy

Pleased…pleasure…is a means to appease. One can be pleased. The other side of that coin is based on some old hurt, something rotting in there. Some way you just aren’t expressed and, really, you’re a little dead. 707 more words

Love Lessons