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60 Days Later, Our First Fight

It wasn’t really a fight.  I mean, when I think of fighting, I think of the champion screaming matches that Lex Luthor and I used to have.  1,767 more words

2nd Quarter

I Am Love.

This morning I woke up wanting to tell everyone that I love them! I feel very joyful and happy. Why? Because of meditation. I used to meditate frequently, but slowed down a bit. 361 more words

Life Lessons

Egyptian Belly Dancing - How to be Independent and Feminine

Men love feminine women. There is no arguing this point. Nothing emasculates a man more than a strong, overpowering, dominant woman. Especially if he is an alpha male. 221 more words

Belly Dancing

Does love happen twice?

Well I was just wondering about my future..what’s gonna happen to my life post 10yrs !
I thought about love,marriage,career,family & all.
Love…in 21yrs of life I’ve truly fallen for someone just once.Rest were crushes or illusion.There were times when I wanted a bf coz everyone else had…bullshit ! 243 more words


God Revelation: We Both Desire Love (Part One)

Laying down in bed yesterday night, pondering all of the thoughts that ran through my mind in the day, I went off into my usual wanderings of the imagination and felt saddened by the direction my mind took. 377 more words


L.O.V.E: Incoherent Babblings and Cliche Learnings.

Yesterday was Friday and I went out to dinner with a new friend.

After dispensing with the preliminaries of 1) bitching about work, 2) light gossip about other people and 3) admiring the restaurant and our impeccable venue selection, we got down to the down and dirty.   808 more words


The Little Things

There’s just something about the small gestures, the not-so flamboyant gifts or dates that are so sweet. Not only from a significant other, but also from family and friends. 158 more words