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It's the journey

Intimacy with Jesus is not a means to an end. IT IS the means…and HE IS the end.Sean Feucht

Often, as this journey lead me to crossroads and I am quite lost, You show me the way. 131 more words


Thank You

I wrote these letters so I could stop loving you the way I did. I no longer had delusions about what I wanted in love. I no longer held dear the painful, tumultuous, manic-depressive love that I did previously. 112 more words


App Proves That You Can Buy Love As Low As $25

Turns out money can buy love just for $25 at that. There is this new app out that allows you to have an invisible girlfriend/ boyfriend for just $25. 33 more words

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You are lovely

In a world that seems to ask so much of us, it is easy to find yourself doubting yourself, your success and how others may perceive you, but try and remember this: 299 more words

Love on Delivery Comes Knocking at the Door

In the wee hours of the morning┬ásomeone told me that my happiness was unsustainable because it was based on serendipity. This same morning I lit a candle and prayed for other’s healing, including my own. 113 more words

Flash Intimacy

Knowing me from yesterday

When we meet, you will know me from today. From who I am right now. But I have a past which is a very important part of me. 466 more words

Love Letters

Summertime Keepsake

When I saw you, it didn’t happen the way I imagined. I was terrified. I was terrified that my heart would drop into my tummy and you would see it all written on my face. 45 more words