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Feeding the Flame of Love through Love Letters

When people are dating they think of the words to say to encourage and love one another rather easily.

Oftentimes after people are married they don’t realize they’ve signed up for a lifetime of working on a relationship.   161 more words


Online Dating

Dear Online Anonymity (such as it may be),

Thank you for enabling my cowardice. As you know, I’m down here exclusively for training. Due to my current 5:27 alarm (every minute counts), I have the same approximate bedtime as the 5 and 8 year olds down the hall. 737 more words

Love Letter

Every Opportunity

God’s WordRevelation 16: 1-21  Revelation (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

I’m on your side! 371 more words

The love letter

I love you so much my sweetheart..
I am damn sure you love me soo much too. .

We did not have responsibilities when we got married. 380 more words

What Life Teaches Everyday!!

Rainy Days

To the occasional rainy day:

I really don’t mind you. A rainy night, of course, I love. I don’t sleep easily, but the not-too-distant patter of raindrops makes my bed seem that much cozier, and sleep that much closer at hand. 584 more words

Love Letter

The Stamp: Or The Digital Soundtrack of Love Snuffed Out By A Letter and Life.

To The Man I Nearly Married,


I know this letter is out of the blue and maybe I shouldn’t write it. In fact, I know I shouldn’t write it, but I’ve had this aching in my chest for a month and when your soul hemorrhages for so long, words are the only panacea one can turn to. 1,115 more words

Our Stories

Lautapelaamaan 2014 - Sunday

Sunday at Lautapelaamaan would be a bit shorter than the 16 hour-or-so marathon of the day before, but there were were still some new games that I wanted to test out.   1,970 more words

Board Game