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Love and Letting Go

I’m trying to pick up where I left off with the A to Z Challenge, but a few of my short stories are taking on a life of their own, which is good and bad. 365 more words

Micro Story

An Unsent Letter

Somewhere,  April 15 2014

I think, I am done trying honey. I have been trying to get you back to my arms, have back what we had before. 124 more words

This is my letter to you,
I have found out what love is, it was hard to find and trust me it’s so not easy, until I met you.

297 more words
Love Letter

Words Well Chosen?

Dear John, 

I am thrilled to write a ‘Dear John’ letter again. How I wished that our love could match one out of a Nicholas Sparks’s novel. 490 more words

The Rare

In the glimmering presence of the beloved,
I often thought of asking…
“Why you had to be so rare?”

Then I thought, why not?

When did moon ever had a competition? 256 more words


The Dilemma of Knowing What The Heart Wants

As her eyes travelled back and forth the page, she smiled reacting to what she read from time to time. I recited the letter in my head, thinking about the number of times I had read it and how the words had found a way to find a place in my head, or maybe my heart. 454 more words

Turning the clock back..

366 days = 31,622,400 seconds = 527,040 minutes = 8784 hours = 52 weeks

Exactly a year on after meeting the love of my life, I take a moment to roll back how exponentially our relation has developed over a span of one year. 484 more words