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Love Letter | March 8, 2013

Dear Michael,

You have people come in and out of your life many times, but some people are just hard to let go of. For me one of those people is…Michael. 138 more words

Love Letters

Dear you

Dear you,
I don’t know why I all of sudden fell head over heels for you. I don’t why it took so little time for me to be attracted to you so fondly. 104 more words


The Love Letter she will never read ...

Artwork: Unreturned Love by IloveDxC

Dear Wednesday,

It was the summer of ’97. Summer camp had just begun. Dinner had just ended. I was seventeen and in charge of a small tribe of kindergarteners who truly were experiencing their first time away from home. 1,481 more words


Love, Soar

This is how I came to deciding to call this blog “Love, Soar”.
I am a huge fan of Les Miserables and of course, Victor Hugo. 1,401 more words


"when the world ends" -dmb

if tonight was the night,

i wouldn’t hold back

i’d ask you to dinner

no reservations

toasting to our love

sharing truth

divinely connected

i’d pull you close… 23 more words

Creative Writing

Imaginary Love Letter

Her heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t the regular, irregular thump-thip-thip-thump that had always been the beat, but a thump of nerves as he walked towards her. 306 more words

52 Short Stories

A Love Letter To Lori Loughlin -- AKA Aunt Becky On 'Full House' -- The First Crush Of An Entire Generation

They say a man never forgets his first celebrity crush, no matter how many pieces of paper say he needs to stay 100 yards away at all times. 2,242 more words