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Dear Tom,

I didn’t grow up loving you. In fact, I used to hate you a little bit. I really hope that’s not a creepy stalker thing to say or that using the word stalker in a letter sets alarm bells going. 196 more words



Dear Tom,

I’ve got a gigantic¬†problem. I love you. Not news, I know, but I love you and I don’t want to love you. 173 more words


The corpse bride's coffin

I have a box of old love notes, cards that came with flowers, photos, love letters and jewellery (no rings settle down ladies) that my ex-boyfriends have given me throughout the ages, well the 9 years I have had boyfriends since leaving home, back home I had a similar box. 583 more words


Letters never sent..

” You’re the lap I want to crawl into at the end of every bad day. The first face I see upon waking so that every morning starts off glorious” … 85 more words

Tears of joy

Dearest future husband,
Today I was thinking about happy I will be when I finally meet you and I started to tear up. Not sure if that is normal, but let’s be honest here, by now you probably know that nothing about me is ordinary. 16 more words

Letters To My Future Husband

Nine Months Old

Dear Benjamin–

Today we mark another milestone — nine months old, a moment that I always think best described as “living outside as long as you were in.” We could also be marking the milestone “Benjamin is sick again” since we had yet another call from daycare today telling us to come get you because of a fever — this is becoming quite the unwelcome trend between you and Lucas.¬† 702 more words

Love Letters