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[SeventhStyle]Comprehending The “Kawaii” Phenomenon

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or just come to view and/or download/save all cute pictures of Hoshizora Rin.


Kawaiiness is justice, yet what is this indescribable emotion of immense charm, admiration, and non-illicit temptation that evokes passionate desires to hug and physically molest that which is kawaii?

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[Kou] NicoMaki Halloween Manga

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It’s a halloween NicoMaki special edition manga. Yaaay~

It was so cute i thought my heart would explode, please do make a sequel where they go further <3… 19 more words

Love Live

Not dead (probably)

~To Be Continued~

On to hoping this artist doesn’t forget about their series like others have in the past.

PS: Ufufu looks like things might get a bit lewd <3… 36 more words

Love Live

I miss my Love

I miss my life when i was so young and naive.
I miss my crazy mind, and my wild dream.
I miss my life when you’re here next to me. 246 more words

Infinity Talk

love live stupidity

Does that mean the entire reason for idol group last season was a waste of time?
Wasn’t the lack of applicants the reason this school was shutting down last season?
Think before you speak anime!

Susume→Tomorrow [Color Coded]

Susume→Tomorrow lyrics color coded

Romaji from the Love Live! wiki

Blue is Umi
Orange is Honoka
Green is Kotori
Black is all (or more than one) 379 more words

Color Coded

LOVE LIVE! Natsuiro.

Love Live! 夏色えがおで 1, 2, JUMP!
Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump!

園田海未 CN @ KOYUKI
Photos by SOTSUGU

Hot hot day but we managed to pull through! 361 more words