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Facing Faith Part 1

I took a plane ride this past week which gave me time to just sit and read. In the course of reading the scriptures listed in my daily devotion, I just kept reading and it opened my eyes to some new theories. 699 more words

Learning & Listening

Fun With Numbers: Dragonball, Naruto, Love Live, and the Importance of Second-Tier Hits

Weekly Shonen Jump is Japan’s most successful manga magazine, something that’s been true, excluding a brief early-aughts blip, for upwards of 20 years. But the brand didn’t get there by some fluke – it earned notability by harnessing a number of talented artists in many eras; Go Nagai in the late 60s, Buichi Terasawa and Osamu Akimoto in the 70s, Hirohiko Araki, Masami Kurumada, and countless others in the 80s. 1,626 more words


Unproductive Season Review: Spring 2014

So we’re back again and Winter never happened (really, it didn’t). Due to some complaints (and budget cuts) this article will be slightly different. Unfortunately, we had to slash the pasting large text over screenshots this time around. 3,211 more words


[Random] Kussun hát mừng sinh nhật Nan-chan

Kussun hát mừng sinh nhật Nan-chan trong buổi thu âm. Kussun kawaii!

Love Live!

Love Live! Review

Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday. ‘Twas a long, hard day at work, but let’s forget all that and dive into something nice, something rosy-cheeked and bursting with song. 446 more words


Shanghai Metro features Love Live!

From now until August 20 the Shanghai metro line is giving Chinese Love Live! fans the same treatment Japanese ones usually get with several trains showing off the members of μ’s. 23 more words

[Random]Awww, Ripppppi

Clip cắt ra từ Lisani hồi đầu tháng 7 , ở Ep này 8 thành viên của μ’s (Nan-chan (seiyuu của Eli)  không thể tham dự vì vài lý do riêng) được chia thành 3 team, team vàng, xanh và hồng, sau đó thi với nhau. 174 more words

Love Live!