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Love, Loss and Christ

It’s that time of year again.  The weeks leading up to the anniversary of Rachel’s birth and death.  It’s hard to put into words that someone who’s never lost a child can understand what this time of the year means for us.   809 more words

A Home's Heart

A somber home
Sits dark, lifeless, alone
While a chill stalks
Stuck in the home’s hearth, caught

Frigid winds beat
Against the walls which keep… 103 more words


Raleigh Brewing Company

Why my mind dug up that sweet summer memory from the bowels of my brain, I’ll never know.  What I can tell you is that the flashback almost knocked me into my bathroom sink that morning.   271 more words

Love & Loss

It Just Hurts Today

There was no poison

in her words

yet her gaze carried

a haunted countenance

that pierced with

the tender, precise

aim of dipped arrows.

Mists of rain… 65 more words


Crappy family

The last time I spoke to my mom was a little over a month ago. I’m back in the same situation I was before my mother in law passed away. 144 more words

Deep Blue

I couldn’t bring myself to buy the ornamental evergreen tree-in-a-box this past weekend.  I thought, “Ma always had the tree decorated by Thanksgiving. Come hell or high water, it was a tradition she never missed and you’re running out of time!” Still, I couldn’t keep the damn thing in my Walmart shopping cart.   291 more words

Love & Loss

Outrageous Dreams

There are days

where the craving

to erase your existence,

sparing me from

the keen sweetness

of this pain that

subdues comfort,

holds its own allure. 65 more words