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Life Support

I’ve pulled the plug many times on friendships too far gone. I’ve let them go, allowing the sounds of their last raspy breaths hitting the stale atmosphere penetrate me like a knife to the heart. 136 more words

Love & Loss

Four Glasses of Wine Later

Nights like these are those that I feel either devastatingly honest or daringly deceitful.

Love & Loss

Back then

I don’t talk to you but you haunt me.
You’re in my thoughts & in my dreams.
What hurts my soul is that you’re in the music. 96 more words


The Chronicles of Blondie: Closure

We come to the inevitable end at last. Maybe I’ve dragged out this break up for far too long, but because I worked with her, because I couldn’t get over her while she was still in my presence, that’s just how it had to be. 1,847 more words

The Chronicles Of Blondie