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Deep Blue

I couldn’t bring myself to buy the ornamental evergreen tree-in-a-box this past weekend.  I thought, “Ma always had the tree decorated by Thanksgiving. Come hell or high water, it was a tradition she never missed and you’re running out of time!” Still, I couldn’t keep the damn thing in my Walmart shopping cart.   291 more words

Love & Loss

Outrageous Dreams

There are days

where the craving

to erase your existence,

sparing me from

the keen sweetness

of this pain that

subdues comfort,

holds its own allure. 65 more words


Experimental Writing: "Sleep Deprived"

I can’t sleep… 

Why? The answer is quite simple, yet a bit complicated. You see… My mind operates like that. Its dual nature is both a curse and a blessing in more ways than one. 211 more words

Random Thoughts

This Corpse Pose

A fraction of me is

still owned by you.

Each day seems

to trudge along,

sprinkled with ghosts

of your smile,

the provocative  tenor

of your voice, and… 72 more words


To be revealed

Why is it with all the signs we still need proof?? I don’t have the answer but typically I can’t let go of something until I have confirmed proof that it’s time. 87 more words

WIKFS: Ending Relationships

Most of us don’t start a relationship hoping for it to end. Sometimes, we feel that something is amiss early in the relationship and end it. 824 more words

What I Know For Sure

WIKFS: Loss is a matter of perspective

Every now and then, I meet with people who appear to be blissfully married. As much as I envy how the relationship appears to be, I often am left wondering if the relationship was just as wonderful when in private. 408 more words

What I Know For Sure