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Back then

I don’t talk to you but you haunt me.
You’re in my thoughts & in my dreams.
What hurts my soul is that you’re in the music. 96 more words


The Chronicles of Blondie: Closure

We come to the inevitable end at last. Maybe I’ve dragged out this break up for far too long, but because I worked with her, because I couldn’t get over her while she was still in my presence, that’s just how it had to be. 1,847 more words

The Chronicles Of Blondie

Remembering Back When


I learned early on that a smile and good disposition is what people want to see in this world. They don’t want to know that your hurting, sad, depressed, bipolar,etc So a child being in pagents smiling and waving to people became what I do best. 374 more words

Star Crossed

There were once two lovers,
Whose love wore away,
Whose forever’s had faded,
Hearts left unattended,
Became shattered,
Tattered as the tide swept in
And eroded their feelings away. 137 more words


cycles of abuse

Although writing usually helps clarify my thoughts, sometimes it clouds me over with angst. I not only encounter complex issues that resist translation, I come into collision with my own perceptions. 482 more words

My Life In Prose


This here is my little space and its all about ME, where I pour my heart out and you have made it ok to do so. 41 more words

Digital Art