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He never saw it ending
all of his friends had it pegged
but he was bent on preventing
all the negativity that each friend of his had mentioned… 166 more words


Where Did You Go

What happened in the coldness
of that room? Could I remember
ice skating?  or was that
a painting on the wall?
Do I still have my skates, 110 more words


Cupid’s angry bruises haunt me as I sit upon my porcelain throne
Performing morning ablations, waiting to hear your voice exclaim in thunderous applause
For my anatomical aria…

101 more words
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What I Love

If I were to list all the things
That I love about you
I wouldn’t be able to count them
on my fingers and toes. 17 more words


stillness and love -- poem

give me stillness

for just a moment

so i can cusp the pure water

into my interlocked hands

let me touch

the Elysian fields

and slice, fresh mangoes… 30 more words


I met him on a rather fluffy Sunday
His well-chiseled face lit like a thousand sun-rays
It burned softly, i couldn’t steady my gaze
My pupils went in a frenzy, am i in a daze? 266 more words



They do not understand the disjuncture
Between flesh fantasy and reality
Aging men with their runaway eyebrow hair
Disappearing asses and seventies jeans
Reaching out for Cameron Diaz types… 172 more words

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