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Bits of nostalgia.

Having lived in this world it becomes impossible to deny at some point encountering an “I love you” that was actually a goodbye

We have all tasted the kisses that whisper “I’m sorry” 58 more words


never alone.

There was once a girl who had a dark raincloud that she brought with her everywhere she went

Kind of like a balloon

One day she met a girl who also had a rain cloud… 89 more words



your palms lie open

in long lush grass

the arch of your back

mirrors mine

I trace your spine

with gentle fingertips

coax a shiver

a whisper


oh those blue eyes

perched in the pale blue sky
the halfhearted moon gazes
from the stumblingdawn
but her eyes are not your eyes
(oh, those eyes, those blue eyes) 72 more words


The Act of "Love" Making

when Mommy and Daddy
don’t cover your eyes.

Watch Mommy rest her head against Daddy’s chest
as you stumble across the backyard.

Watch our fingers link  226 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

quiet tragedy of clean hands

the potter sat alone on his staircase
and looked at his hands
hardly recognizing them as his own

they were clean and unmarked

with no remaining clay… 56 more words

As i sit alone in the freezing cold,

i look up into the skie’s,

to admire the star’s and the moon,

yes,the beautiful moon…

the symbol of love, 121 more words