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Love's Enemy

Love’s Enemy
by Mark E. Schrull

We once were
A passion Statement.
Then time, once my friend,
Chiseled away at our happiness.
My cares never focused on confusion; 93 more words

Mark E. Schrull


The stars lead the way to you

I want to walk out of my door and smell that crisp autumn air that reminds me so much of the place you stay… 138 more words


Angel of the Earth

Angel of the Earth

How serene, how exquisite

You make the birds sing on those fresh mornings

You make the wolves howl on those crisp nights… 109 more words


One Fall - A Love Poem

One Fall
In my mind this is true
that I love you
more brilliantly
and painfully
than I have ever loved before.
is just
more costly



The Time has passed

So much time has passed since we met
So much joy shared between our hearts
Love between us grows with each day

Nothing could ever stand on our way… 30 more words

Untitled Endearment

If the writings in Revelations are true

Would we be the only ones who survives life ending?

Yes, just us two.

Our love would recreate what chemistry really means. 41 more words