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If We Should Reunite

You complimented my curls, told me

I looked like a forties film star.

Well I chopped them off, I cut my hair,

I felt much better without her there. 60 more words


she dreamt that he will turn her mere words into submission and trace every word uttered back to the divinity that taught her how to speak.



Lace, diamond rings, and languid honeymoons
Pledge not of love ’til death nor laid-bare hearts.
Our love’s in patinated wooden spoons,
And intimacy’s told in liberal farts. 94 more words

a jealous heart.

the heart sits on a bed of sandpaper

scraping shreds of its skin while it beats


what does it mean to be breathing?


your eyes ask… 56 more words


Winter's Cold

I look into window and see snowflakes flying night and day
Winter’s cold is coming this way
Just a thought of you warms my heart… 34 more words