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Stay Strong For You


Tenanglah kekasihku – Be calm my love

Ku tahu hatimu menangis – I know your heart cries

Beranilah dan percaya – Be brave and believe… 400 more words


You Kept Me Alive

I was standing all alone against the world
I was searching for a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Don’t worry sometimes you have to let it ride… 52 more words


He'll Hurt You

He’ll hurt you, you know.

He’s only in it, to be in it

He liked me once,

Not that he said it.

He would look into my eyes, 55 more words

Creative Writing



She glides through the night
like a specter in the mist,
silent to the world
lest caught in the war she waged.
She slides through the night… 149 more words

Personal Space

No Strangers

See the darkness in me,
Feel the weight of that little black hole.
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
Laugh: and lift me, impossible, improbable. 33 more words


you can't

You can’t

Give my breath back

After you take it


Glue my heart together

After you break it

Lift a fallen spirit

After a betrayal, or… 22 more words