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Sky's Clouds

ೋღ ♥ ೋღ

As sky’s clouds float gently along,
The whispering breeze sings her song.
The scent of flowers wafting past
Brings back sweet moments clung to fast. 82 more words

I don't know how to feel about my inability to write you poetry.

And every poem about you turns into a page of blacked out lines.
“But he kisses me like breathing, like coming home.” Left in the middle. 49 more words

Take Me Back

Time flowed by, there is still no reply.

Broken pieces of my heart do not go together anymore.

My gestures remain incomprehensible.

There is no significance of a rage, because everything has come to an irretrievable stoppage. 86 more words



Feasting on the perfume of roses
On auto-pilot.
Watching the heart of this, trembling;
Under naked skin-
Bringing a chisel to the dining table
To carve out the past tense from memories. 65 more words


Because there is no comparison, I want to be with you,
because there is no reason but desire, and no other way
to tell you than by clumsy means of my endearment, 34 more words


A Love Poem For People Who Hate Love Poems

You’re the Tom to my Jerry
You’re the Sooty to my Sweep
You’re the Chuckle to my Brother
And the one who fills my brain so I can’t sleep. 156 more words


the brumous sky
starts to cry–i wonder
if you could hear my lullaby.

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