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The Deep - Yang and Me

I wished a wish upon a star
One day that wish came true
Wrapped my arms around your heart
I Listened for our rhythms start… 164 more words


The Dark Side of the Love Poem

When most people think of Valentine’s Day, I’m sure the traditional love poem comes to mind. I thought today I’d break that stereotype, and write one for the other side of the love poem. 87 more words


Choose light

As a flower in the rain
I continue to glow because
I know the truth
If I choose to only exist
Negative energy lives
When I choose to live… 19 more words


What makes a good writer?

What makes a good writer? (Or rather what makes an outstanding writer?)

It has been said and argued many times that writers are born; they are not made (or is it the other way around?).. 632 more words

Amazing Insights


The One I love, he doubts the meaning of the words…

A few short minutes led to days of agonizing through an altered course.

Though ever grateful for the lesson, standing firm in deep commitment… 113 more words

Burn Me to Ashes

In your presence
my heart doesn’t
beat it gallops,
wild and wanting
like wild horses.
Sensual glances
from beneath dark
lashes stain my cheeks
with crimson slashes. 23 more words


Its time to let it go...

You said you will walk with me,

Promised me a future you foresee.

Always suggested I never believed you,

But the feelings, the promises have always been true. 100 more words