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Thoughts of Shamus: The Idea of Being in Love

When one reads this, as nearly 300,000 people have on tumblr, I can see where the appeal comes from. It’s talking about love! Something most people want right? 1,389 more words


My Love

(for Ionia)

I want to express my love,
In thought and word and deed.
To let you always know,
You fill my every need. 74 more words


Hear ye, Hear ye - No, Really, Hear Me!

Inspired by Pam’s recent post, ‘In Love’, where she also included an audio version of one of her poems, I thought I would like to maybe do that. 177 more words


The Composer

You compose me, my sweet Maestro,
Yes, to sleep, but first to sing.
Your merest touch makes music,
All my nerves become your strings.

Deeper in, your hands command, 60 more words


Love Songs to a Bomb: another fool project

With my first collection now on sale and a draft verse novel now having a wee rest for a month or so, what better time to start another writey project thingy! 331 more words

Temple ~

Temple ~
for George

it would
overlook the sea
it would be
a villa

small but effective
it would
the world ~

but how ? 1,103 more words


Love On The Clouds

By Veronica M. Benson


You took me to another time

Another part of your life

A rare, unique side of your world

From the moment I stepped foot out of the car, 188 more words