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My Saigon Love Story, Kind Of

“My heart feels like it’s going to explode,” I said.
“Oh, really?”

He leans over across the table and places his hands on my chest. At that very moment, I felt like my heart was going to burst open. 565 more words


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Navigating the Dating Scene in the ‘Age of the Selfie’

certified life coach shares 4 tips for older singles

All the good ones are taken … I’m too old to feel THAT way again … I don’t look as good as I used to … I haven’t accomplished enough at my age … I don’t even know how to flirt anymore … 627 more words



Now I’m not too sure if anyone has heard the adage, “Why buy the cow, if the milk is free” but it’s something my mother used to say…as it’s quite popular among the older set of beauties and gents. 513 more words

Love & Relationships

The Most Common Mistake Women Make When Dating Is…

Facebook and Twitter is always filled with messages, status updates and memes containing words of wisdom for those who are in the dating pool waiting to find true love.   479 more words

Love & Relationships

A Sea of Love

Opening my heart has proven a difficult task over the years. I’ve had the past relationships like so many others that have left me somewhat jaded; left me feeling a little raw. 394 more words


When I Met You in the Summer

You know when you start a new relationship and you always want to know what the other person is doing and be with them all the time? 617 more words


The Logic of Sex and Trusting Your Partner

Is it just me, or is discussion of sex the most taboo topic in our society. We can freely talk about a man’s beheading or whether women should be allowed to breast feed in publish, but God forbid you mention sex. 942 more words