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She Doesn't Want Sex...

I have been married for 2 years and we were both virgins when we got married. We both attend a church in Nigeria that believes in abstaining from sex before marriage and I was fine with it because I looked forward to unlimited sexual enjoyment after the wedding. 303 more words

Love & Relationships

A Different Chicken & A Different Egg..

I am the least qualified to talk about the origin of mankind (yes, you guessed it; this- of course- is quite the hyperbole and, frankly speaking, a blatant lie) but I want to talk about… 1,193 more words


Oil Price Vis-a-Vis Housekeeping Allowance....

Last week when the Minister for Petroleum Mrs Allison Madueke, announced the reduction of the price of a litre of petrol from N97 to N87 not a lot of the populace rejoiced. 244 more words

Love & Relationships

i don't fall in love often, because i fall in love for real... (Part 1)

When the thought invaded my mind that I was in love with OLOML, I was terrified. I’ve sung and danced to songs about love. I’ve watched movies and TV shows depicting love. 485 more words

Love & Relationships

Jill Scott Explains Six-Month Rule For Finding The Right Guy

Guys need to be on alert: Jill Scott is only giving a man six months to impress her in a relationship before she drops them. 368 more words

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How The ‘Romance Jar’ Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Being in a relationship for an extended amount of time can cause couples to settle into a sexual routine, but there are fun and creative ways to spice up your sex life without impeding upon your regular schedule. 377 more words

Love & Relationships

Tara Talks: Episode Three (The one with Tinder)

Tinder! Don’t lie, I know you’ve all downloaded it. This week I discuss how I feel about the app and talk about some situations I’ve been in from the app. 115 more words

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