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Can your dog understand what you're saying? - CSMonitor.com

“When a dog hears his owner – whether it’s an affectionate call, a curt command, or an unpleasant reprimand – do the words merely go in one fuzzy ear and out the other, or are they really listening? 88 more words


Fun Friday Musings...

It’s a beautiful day, it’s a beautiful life. You woke up happy and you feel everything is going just fabulously.

You are on your way to an important meeting scheduled to hold in Victoria Island, a good 2 hours drive from your home. 201 more words

What is it you really want in love?

Bieschel writes:

I have recently ended a three year relationship with a man, who, it turns out, was deceitful unbeknownst to me. He presented himself to me under the pretense of being single when he was not. 501 more words

Growth And Choices

Try-Outs: Relationship Enhancers...

In the spirit of fostering greater unity amongst couples, Lifetitudes has been on the search for applications that can enhance relationships.

I found quite a number but will try them out before sharing. 215 more words

Love & Relationships

Saving Your Love: Nothing Else Matters!

Having read for thousands of people over the course of my lifetime, I’m often asked what is the most common problem that I’ve come across. I would have to say that love and relationships is the most recurring theme. 763 more words


The Battle For The Ex's....

Good morning dearest ones,

An old friend of mine sent this post, requesting I share with the Lifetitudes clan.

Let’s remember that in reading and analysing posts there is a lesson to be learnt in every story. 416 more words

Love & Relationships

Computer Love? Online Dating While Celibate & Saved

Setting out on a quest to find love can be an intimidating journey, especially when deciding to leave sex out of the equation in a world where so many seem to be obsessed with the bump and grind early in relationships. 308 more words

Love & Relationships