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Picking Up the Tempo

I got a walking cast day before yesterday, so I am crutch-free. I don’t have health insurance. I keep expecting to get a job and get all that paperwork done. 254 more words

Blogging 101

Evolution of Heart and Mind

In all of my Second Life experiences, four people have affected me greatly. I am not a naturally social person, I don’t seek the company of others and for the most part, I am dreadfully honest and a bore. 1,068 more words

Love & Relationships

Leave that door alone

Today I read the following sentence If God closed that door, stop pounding on it and move on! It made me laugh but .ir also detonated within me. 95 more words


How You Know Your Man Is Probably Cheating [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

One thing you give up when you say “I do” is secrets. So when you’re man is going home late without an explanation, that’s a problem! 112 more words

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Friendship is rare

Have you ever wondered why someone is your friend?
Have you ever noticed that someone who you would call a friend isnt really acting like one? 166 more words

Love & Relationships

Let’s Talk It Out: 6 Communication Skills That Will Improve Your Relationships

We all know that communication is essential for a happy relationship — yet we often engage in unhealthy communication patterns. Want more affection from your man? 610 more words


What Costed Me Everything

The difference between my junior year at USC versus my senior year at USC is so drastic, I don’t even know where to begin.

During my second to last year of college, a majority of my time was spent with my sorority pledge sisters. 916 more words