Public Declarations of Love: Fantasy Romance vs Romantic Comedy

So I just got back from Germany last week – a trip home that unfortunately involved about 22 hours in a plane. Most of those hours were spent in an awkward half-sleep fostering a sizeable collection of neck cramps. 906 more words


Occupational hazard of writing erotic romance #1

I’ll be writing “one of those” scenes and then the thought pops into my head: I hope my mother never reads this!

I guess we never quite grow out of squirming while watching provocative love scenes on TV or in the movies with one’s parents! 35 more words

Isabel's Red Diary

What Makes a Good Love Scene?

After reading romance novels of varying types over the last 25 years, I’ve come across all types of love scenes. I would even venture to say that there is no perfect type or formula you can use to write a love scene. 602 more words

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