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Across the Ocean

Across the Ocean
By Cliff Harrison

Oh, I remember the days when I was so blue
I remember those days without you
You are my dream, I’ve never had a dream so true… 284 more words


Do you feel loved?



I don’t need a hundred roses waiting by the front door
I don’t need a fancy house in the hills
You could rope the moon and bring me all the stars in heaven…

240 more words
Quick Thoughts

Q: Why do you love me?

A. Because you feel like home!

Its unfortunate my brain and mouth fail to engage sometimes, which leads us to this beautiful cover of The Cure’s Love Song by the lovely Adele;


Lyrics & Lines Day 11 - "Captured"

Love, you’ve captured me again
Oh God, You steal my heart
And oh when I reach out
You’re always there 

Cause love has come to rescue me… 114 more words


Lyrics & Lines Day 10 - "I Need You Now"

I don’t know who you are
Don’t even know your name
I wish we could talk but I don’t have a number to call
So hold your hand up if you hear me, 131 more words


In Your Love I Choose to Stay (Lyrics)

A song without the music is, well, just the lyrics … but hence the rhyme in these words. So while I continue to strum my guitar and contemplate a rhythm and melody to go with these words, please hum along and provide your own beautiful lilt to fill them out wherever you ‘hear’ them. 226 more words


James Taylor- you've got a friend lyrics

This is a piece I made for my parents, based on the lyrics of James Taylor’s ‘you’ve got a friend’ I chose this song as it is the song my parents got married to. 22 more words

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