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If Not Me Lord...

If not me Lord,
Then shine within my child’s eyes,
So all will see,
The joy to come beyond goodbyes,
If not me Lord,
Then gather my spouse to your side, 115 more words


Love Your Neighbor

I grew up on a street where everyone knows each other. My parents still live there and we are still friends with the neighbors I grew up with. 451 more words

Does God Speak to This Age?

Does God Speak to This Age?

I have heard it often said, “God spoke to me.” This usually precedes a long winded argument as to why one should listen to what is being said by the person doing the preaching. 999 more words

God's Kingdom

Judging the Book by the Cover

I believe people in general are judgmental by nature. How you handle a person you’re judging is the issue! Hence, you Hypocritical Church Folks, y’all really kill me because you claim to be the living testament, walking in the eyes of God. 359 more words


To The Churches of the World

Dear fellow Christians,

The time for argument is at an end. The time for endless discussion must cease. The time for speculation is over. The time for letting our hearts be transformed by the renewing of our minds has come. 1,171 more words

God's Kingdom

Where Are The True Christians?

Where Are the True Christians?

If I look around at the world about me, it is becoming clear to me that true Christianity is a rare thing. 1,406 more words

God's Kingdom

My Heart Is Full

Dear Family and Friends,

I am so overjoyed with the changes that I have seen this gospel bring into peoples lives. Everyday I get to witness people making steps to come closer to Jesus Christ both members and non members alike. 338 more words