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You Can't Choose Who You Love

“Do you still love your ex-boyfriend?” “Yes.” Why was my answer so immediate? It has been 3 years…. 3 YEARS! What was that? Why did I say that? 672 more words


Congrats on the Sex

I just wanted to show off my  new work out outfit…

Anyways…moving on….

College Boy came over again two nights ago… he got to meet my roommates. 254 more words

Random Ramblings

I Never Listen To Myself.

James came over last night to hang out and watch a movie. “Watch a movie” HA. It was fun though. Lots of cuddling and kissing. He is adorable. 278 more words


To The Boy Who Never Called

I thought we had a nice time? What gives?

So a few nights ago, I went out with this adorably sweet boy named James. We ate sushi. 462 more words


Why I Hope My Ex Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Kind Of Love

Yesterday I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. As we did our quick five-minute catch-up, she asked me how my ex was doing. 901 more words

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This article is the most perfect thing I have read. It is 100% everything I have been trying to put into words about my ex, about my future, and about what I want for myself. I don't want a better half anymore, I want someone to encourage me to be the best me. I loved my relationship with my ex. I loved my ex. And I would be lying if I said he didn't cross my mind every day. It is more of a reminiscence, not a desire for him. Our love was stressful and a constant rollercoaster. I don't want that in my future. I want passion, trust, pure love, and independence.

Offered Him a Hug...Then He Called The Cops

Some days the weight of the world just seems a bit heavier than usual, eh? Today was one of those days.

Such a beautiful fall day; a perfect day to take a cruise on my skateboard. 997 more words

Andrew West Health Everythingist

Tamar Braxton (feat. Future) - Let Me Know

With a track that sounds like it could be a continuation of her hit single Love & War, Tamar Braxton is back with the first single of her upcoming third album.  72 more words

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