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With Hearts On Top

It had been a long day of trying to sort out what someone else wanted, where I was mostly in a state of trying to figure other people out (at the best of times, it’s exhausting). 146 more words

Finding Hearts

Life Lessons Found As A Doula

Being a doula has taught me…

  • I have to disappoint people I love sometimes. At any moment, I may have to leave people I care about high and dry while I bolt to the side of a mother in labor.
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All Things Doula

July 23, 2014~Year 6, No.42


“I Can” is the phrase that FFA students now live by. Motivational speakers and state officers promoted this theme to about 10,000 people at FFA state convention in Fort Worth. 966 more words

2014 Newsletters

Long Days In Gaza

Oh Gaza… My tears stream and heart cries for you and your people. It cries for Israel, too. All lives lost, all hate rampant, all love covered in ash and blood and tears. 305 more words

Middle East

A Prayer - of sorts - of Lament in Search of Hope for the World

Creator? Redeemer? Sustainer?

I do not know what name to lift up to you God. Not in this moment of prayer. Not to get your attention at this time. 1,254 more words


Rave The Cave

Today is John Knox’s last day here in OrangeWalk. I feel as if I have done the cancer 3 day walk, I am that exhausted. But in all honesty I couldn’t be happier they are here. 792 more words

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies 07/15/2014

By golly…here’s another article by Aisha North. Her message today is clear and direct making it easy to follow. It is yet another message that we are definitely in the “end times” with ALL being submitted to more and more  is waves of incoming Light that will “ 1,322 more words