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All About the Love

The summer before I started my first year at the University of Michigan, my mom told me (warned me?) “Please don’t become a liberal.”  At the time, I suppose I considered myself a moderate-conservative Christian.  1,292 more words


Mike Quinsey ~ SaLuSa, September 19, 2014

SaLuSa sends his weekly message to us again through Mike Quincey in England. This weeks message simply reminds us that the PTW (Powers That Were), cabal, Illuminati (you choose the name) are still in play, but loosing their grip on humanity…fast! 1,185 more words

~ARCTURIANS – The Illuminated Ones – Your Blueprint – Your Mission … and Update

This is an article by Anna Merkaba who channels the Arturians. NOW the Arcturians are advising  humanity of what is in our near future. Yes…there will be turbulence as more and more truth is revealed to us. 1,573 more words


God has a good sense of humor, doesn’t she?  (See what I did there?  Gonna get everyone all fired up).  Last week, I shared that my biggest wish for this school year was to sleep. 260 more words

I Want A Relationship With You

“Good relationships are not just about the good times you share; they’re also about the obstacles you go through together…and the fact that you still say I love you in the end.” – unknown author… 627 more words

Happy Marriage Equality

I am proud to say that on the 1 year anniversary of my blog, my home state of Wisconsin has officially lifted their marriage ban! I couldn’t be happier to know that more and more states are giving people the rights that they have always deserved. 14 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

Is Love Wins Biblical? (Video)

Love Wins by Rob Bell created quite a stir in the Christian world. He was accused of being a heretic, a universalist, and that he was polluting what the Gospel means. 19 more words