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Post Cards For The Blind

Portland crying in the rain
Shoulders without heads
Zombies look with absent eyes
Rebels scream their demise
Post cards returned unread
Wounded hearts shattered dreams… 45 more words


The Thrill of the Fight: Musings on Rocky – April 12, 2014

Even an underdog has its day.

When I heard that Rocky was being made into a musical, I will admit I was skeptical at the prospect – yet another movie franchise to be adapted to the stage in order to bring in a wider audience, one who would not normally attend a Broadway musical ; a sign of how Hollywood is “invading” Broadway, as the trend of movies being adapted into musicals continues. 639 more words


Seemingly All Together - My Messy Beautiful

“I have to admit, I found you rather intimidating when I first met you. You just seemed like you had it all together: career, four great kids, good marriage.” My friend of two years relays to me over coffee. 540 more words

My Thoughts On Mommyhood

Another Christianity: It's Here, It's Now, and It's Wearing Skinny Jeans

Progressive Christianity is a real thing.  It’s a movement, or maybe a protest of sorts, a reaction to what some don’t like or find hard to swallow  about the Christianity that we grew up with.  800 more words

The Christian Life

Margins and Bullet Points - My Messy Beautiful

How could I not do this?  A simple request from someone who I have never met, but has given me so much.  I will probably never meet her (I missed my chance when she came to CT for a book signing, but it was farther away and I had to work) and that is one of my regrets.   960 more words

Paul Bows His Knees

Ephesians 3:14-15 This week we start a wonderful section of scripture where Paul gets down on his knees and prays to our heavenly Father on our behalf for our enablement. 74 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Love GUARANTEES A Win ... Because Love NEVER Fails

God always wins. There really is no comparison. And since God is love, LOVE always wins. I have accepted this as my reality. I hate what happened to Trayvon Martin and mony others like him. 191 more words