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Is Love Wins Biblical? (Video)

Love Wins by Rob Bell created quite a stir in the Christian world. He was accused of being a heretic, a universalist, and that he was polluting what the Gospel means. 19 more words


suffering to love and a sufferless god

Hardly a night passed during my adolescence when I didn’t wake up—petrified, drenched in a cold sweat–convinced that God, because of some sin that I thought I committed, had returned from heaven and left me behind to a world that He’d soon push into an eternal lake of fire. 1,050 more words


Monday: The Tuesday Edition

As you know, on Friday, I sent out a little “save-the-date” so to speak, for something special that was going to be announced here on the blog on Monday. 600 more words


Spread love like violence

I remember my dad saying to me, ” I don’t know, hon. The older I get the less I really know.” I am starting to really understand that statement. 380 more words

Sheldan Nidle Update 8-5-14…and Cobra!

I was just about to head off for bed, when I decided to check my computer one-more-time! Lo and behold, I found not one, but two different articles referring to the long-awaited “Event” where the Earth will be bathed in an especially strong flow of light from the Central Sun of this galaxy. 1,514 more words

Blossom Goodchild Wisdom on LOVE The Federation Of Light

Blossom Goodchild, from Australia, now is making video’s of her messages sent to her from the Galactic Federation of Light. These messages have previously been in written. 131 more words