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Thoughts from the pensive oneā€¦

Writing helps me get shiz out of my head and recognize progress or lack thereof. Therefore, I will write. I might share and I might not. 779 more words

Fast Friends

Laura became my friend about 18 months ago, moving into our town with her guy and their four children. Like me, she is a corporate wife. 374 more words


I Quit...Exactly!

As I gaze at the magnificence of the Almighty,

I see only you because He sees only you.

As I lose my life before Him, He says, 348 more words

Christian Spirituality

Aimless Aching

I can’t even sort out what I’m feeling or thinking right now. I don’t even know if I can sort the feeling from the thinking. 444 more words


Love Thy Neighbor

I’m sensing a theme to my latest posts… We need more of these heart-warming stories in the media. Thanks to USA Today for this video. … 7 more words


True Love

As is done in many classrooms around the world, I taught “Romeo and Juliet” to my Grade 9 students.
Many teachers are scared of teaching Shakespeare. 639 more words

Holiday Travel

We live far away from our biological families, and have for our entire marriage. At first we felt it was our obligation to ‘go home’ for the holidays, but the problem was that our families live about a thousand miles away from each other, and we were roughly the same distance from each. 452 more words