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My wish

I wish I could hold your hand the way she does.
I envy her so much because your my ultimate crush.
Every time I see you, these cheeks of mine blush. 125 more words


Newport Grill Review — Wichita, KS

After we went to Helzberg Diamonds to return the bracelet I decide that I didn’t want for a second time in one day! (Poor Danny, he must have felt like banging his head on a wall by then) – Danny Google search for a seafood restaurant nearby and got Newport Grill. 51 more words



Sometimes we come across people and knowingly or not knowingly find a connection. Sometimes, those people stay a life time and sometimes they’re just temporary souls adding onto apart of us. 97 more words

The fountain

Will you wrap your arms
around me to feel
my heart beat
wildly against yours
or feel the rhythm of each breath
I take as every syllable of a word… 73 more words


Shadowed Confusion

She’s lifting something from the floor, from the ground
and it’s coated with pine needles and she’s feeling limited.
The loss that’s there is tangible… 206 more words


Safe to Say

I suppose it’s safe to say,

that being with someone new scares me.

And I know it’s safe to say,

that you might be a pretty great addition to who I am now… 121 more words


Portrait Study

For this weeks drawing class.