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Dumped? The Fast Track Guide To Getting Over It

Let’s face it break-ups suck. There’s nothing worse than that overwhelming numbness in your stomach, watching ‘The Notebook’ for the hundredth time and of course your sudden lack of interest in all things nutritional, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 900 more words


powder blue

There is softness in your touch,
O Lord, gently urging our rest under
Powder blue upon velvety green
That flow to one another
Meeting at one decidedly… 94 more words


A Surprise Or A Miracle?

Whether you call it a miracle or a surprise – wondrous moments of beauty are everywhere.  Take a moment to really look at things you would normally just pass by.  129 more words


Just Jazzy 262

Jazzy Does 100 Days of Happiness 49

Just Jazzy

Writing to myself or to my friend?

When You are in Love and your Heart tells you the other part also is in you, it´s the most beautiful feeling you can have. When problem come you try and try to connect, to find a solution, give him chances, then you realize that you are the only one taking responsibility for the relationship. 191 more words

Do What Makes You Happy

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough time lately. After exactly two years and nine months, myself and my boyfriend have gone our separate ways. 549 more words