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Its A New Way Of Thinking

i hope you folks are having a great year so far and that it will continue.

I’m not big on resolutions because I believe that we all should self improve everyday even on days that we don’t want to. 491 more words


Section Two: Present Day

January 21 ‐ February 1

Fictional posts and art flow below this sticky header. There may be some not safe for work material, so please be over the age of consent in your country. 111 more words


Not going to write about you,
Not a word about those eyes,
Nothing about that hair,
Nothing about those hands,
Nothing about those arms, 106 more words


Standing Still

I stand still in my lessons
Knee deep in my alchemy
Beating with Your blessings
To the heavens above I raise
My arms like branches of questions… 98 more words


What is beautiful?

Long silky hair, skinny legs, big eyes, sexy lips, flawless skin and other physical attributes is said to be beautiful, in the eyes of people. I used to be so shallow and think that good looking people are beautiful and I wish to be like them, or at least, want to get to know them. 340 more words

The Breakdown.

On the way home, all tired from work
Earphones on as always, listening to music
Soothing words echoing in her ears
Humming to the rhythm and beat in her mind… 410 more words