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A Letter From The Moon

Late, and I sit with music on (not 80’s for once), a glass of whisky (water of life) to hand, and I try to write. The diary done for today, only a short entry, and a few pages of poetry sketches. 145 more words


Blogging Beginner

I’m sure I started a blog a few years ago, but for no particular reason, however now, I have a valid reason to blog… I’m engaged! 128 more words


The strength to fight needs fuel

Friday 19th September

Thursday night I was able to give Miu Miu her pills in 3 goes. It’s up and down each time.

Last night around 2am in London there was the loudest thunder and lightning I think I’ve ever heard. 600 more words


An Open Letter To My Future Child

My dear (future) child,

At the time that I am writing this, you are but a mere idea that my future possibly holds. I’m currently single and have no intention of even meeting you for another ten years. 972 more words


Chiseled Embrace (Redux)

In your arms I live
Carved out of pavement I love
how we’re made to fit. (/h3>

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Chiseled Embrace (Redux) by G A Rosenberg