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Happy 40th Birthday Jono

It was 40 years ago today you entered this world, years have gone so fast
You were my second and my last

You are a great kid Jono, I know, a kid no more… 82 more words


Six Healthy Relationship Habits

I came across the interesting article and I thought to share. It may help someone out there:



Decisions, sacrifice, and moving forward.

I am currently out at sea, being tossed about by waves I cannot see over, moved by forces I cannot name. The water is wild, and my heart is heavy and tired. 485 more words

To The Vampire

The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you. -Anon

To the vampire who approached a the girl in the corner of a computer shop 9 years ago,

138 more words
Tuesday Tunes

Have You?

Day by day,
Week by week,
Month by month,
Doing the same old things.
Preaching to the same people.
Praying for the same things.
Like a band playing to a sinking ship. 146 more words


We can’t find our path without getting messy…I never found my way to clarity without befriending confusion, in all its chaotic forms. I never found a path that felt like home before falling into quick-sand. 495 more words


"Playing with Matches" Book Review

Playing with Matches is written by Suri Rosen, published by ECW Press, September 2014, 248 pages

In Playing with Matches I expected to find a typical YA novel. 392 more words

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