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Flick on... George Ezra & Ian McKellen

If you already love George Ezra, then be warned, because this video will make you love him even more. (note: you will also want to hug Ian McKellen)


Don’t you dare get me wrong;

I’m sad it didn’t work out
for me.
I’m not,
for a single second,
sad it didn’t work out
for you.


La Famiglia

It’s been a solid two weeks since I’ve blogged and that is because life has not stopped, not even for one second. I’ve been waiting for a moment to myself where I can finally gather my thoughts on the last two weeks and everything that has happened. 624 more words

Falling in love with your bestfriend

Love comes from unexpected sources. And we can never controll its course or its timing. Familiriaty breeds crushes. Its not a surprise to fall in love with your bestfriend. 495 more words


Lashing out

I’m ashamed to say when I caught him messaging that girl I hit him. He was drunk, wasn’t grasping the seriousness of the situation and laughed. 191 more words

"Self" policing and the barb within the lower dimensional frequencies

The frequencies that are held deep within the cellular structure of the human vehicle are now coming up for release. Many of you at this time may be feeling as if you are “under attack” or that those around you are somehow “preventing you” from being who you are and this is a by product of what I term the “barb” that was placed deep within the lower dimensional frequencies.   746 more words