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New additions to my desk top toys.

So now I have 3 Target dog Pez dispensers…



Honey, you were on the phone talking to me last night, its been a long time and I have been waiting for you.

Honey, I’m sorry I didn’t expect this to happen, that the feeling of being in love with you will be substituted with pain and anguish. 73 more words

What If?

Dear Whoever,

Do you ever wonder what if?

What if you would have taken that job offer? What if you would have went to a different college? 1,502 more words


Love is Patient

God is going to give you the grace and the patience to let love unfold when you meet the love of your life. Grace is the favor that the person will view you in their eyes.

15 more words

Thanksgiving Week 3: Life's Sweet Partners

Oh, here we go! We’ve taken a look at the youth and the elders in my life (or at least the fictionalized version of it). How about Life’s Sweet Partner! 244 more words


long goodbyes

What is happening to us?
I miss it.
The laughs,
The cries.
The long goodbyes.

Now it’s n o t h i n g.
No words exchanged, 51 more words


the answer

whenever I begin
to lose my way
I bring myself back
to the question
that is always
my answer

my dear one,
how do you best…
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