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B*tch please!

B*tch says I’m getting fat? No problem, I got a boyfriend! Does she? >:}

It's been a long time

The phone rings its shrill, whiney ring

A number I haven’t seen in a while

Your sultry voice at the end of the line

“Hello Mister Brown, do you know who this is?” 321 more words

Adult Only. Little People Need To Avert Their Eyes

"You're" nOt the Only ONE..

No really wait stop.. Don’t give yourself an award. You’re not the only scar on this heart..There goes ya head again..
What, you thought you were the 1st Bad relationship I’ve ever been in? 869 more words

Real Life

My Parents Are Getting A Divorce

My parents are getting a divorce. Probably. Most likely. That’s not what I wanted to write about, but those are the words that are the most readily available. 740 more words

I say I don’t miss him and mean it but then I miss him uncontrollably.

I hate to be away from him. It’s like my body longs for him near..close by. 158 more words


Ella Cuddle Rabbit Mouse

This drawing is funny because you think that the little stuffed animal is going to give you a hug or wants to give you a hug, but she just killed someone. 65 more words


Snapback Makeover

My loverman E has been really into the whole snapback trend now. I don’t know if I like/dislike it, but it doesn’t really matter because he is busy trying to be all… 654 more words