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facebook ruined blogging.

So I’ve stayed up late and looked at numerous blogs about blogs about blogs to find something interesting to write about. I have found that because I have the ability to tell everyone I have ever met a thought as rapidly as it pops into my head, I know longer keep those thoughts to myself. 79 more words


love to hate - "bro-country"

I wouldn’t categorize bro-country as a bad thing as much as I wouldn’t classify a grizzly as dangerous.  Bro-country is an epidemic that I, myself, was conditioned to love until I found out that I had another choice. 238 more words


Foods -- like people -- I don't like turn up just fine

One of my favorite food moments was in Kauai when the personal chef for Ben Stiller came  to our rented house to cook a dinner for us. 428 more words

From The Test Kitchen

July 27, 2014

I have a serious love/hate relationship with these little guys.  I love how pretty they are, and their photogenic qualities draw me in every time.  But I hate how grabby they are!


B*tch please!

B*tch says I’m getting fat? No problem, I got a boyfriend! Does she? >:}

It's been a long time

The phone rings its shrill, whiney ring

A number I haven’t seen in a while

Your sultry voice at the end of the line

“Hello Mister Brown, do you know who this is?” 321 more words

Adult Only. Little People Need To Avert Their Eyes

"You're" nOt the Only ONE..

No really wait stop.. Don’t give yourself an award. You’re not the only scar on this heart..There goes ya head again..
What, you thought you were the 1st Bad relationship I’ve ever been in? 869 more words

Real Life