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Samuel Richardson's 'Clarissa' and Forced Marriage in the Eighteenth Century

I’ve been meaning to read Samuel Richardson’s ‘Clarissa’ through for years and years. Unlike Sophie de Courcy, I’ve only read extracts. Now I’m getting down to it. 888 more words

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Or, The Writing Muse and their fictitiouness.

They are spoken about with a strange sort of mysticism as if they’re there but not actually there. Sometimes they’re the fountain of ideas and other times they’re just annoying little buzzes interrupting the writing process. 804 more words

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Review: "Lovelace"

“Lovelace” is a hit-and-miss film by directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, based on the memoir of infamous porn star Linda Lovelace. The film stars Amanda Seyfried, as the famed icon from the $600 million pornographic mega hit “Deep Throat” and an ever-repulsing Peter Sarsgaard as her coercive, abusive husband. 288 more words


Camp NaNo and Reba

Or, I’m Going to Spend a Whole Month Trying to Write Something Awesome.

I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for … about four years, I think. Maybe five. 437 more words

Reba Lovelace

The Idea Bucket

Most writers will tell you to pick one idea at a time and work on it.

That’s pretty solid advice — especially if you tend to have a lot of ideas roaming around in the back of your mind while you’re writing. 964 more words

Reba Lovelace


I just finished watching the biopic ‘Lovelace’ starring Amanda Seyfried as the 70s porn superstar Linda Lovelace.  I was expecting a fun, dirty easy watch but that was not what I got.  65 more words