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The Weinstein Company Wins 'Lovelace' Lawsuit

A judge sees the difference between a porn film and a biopic of a porn star 615 more words


Judge Dismisses 'Deep Throat' Copyright Lawsuit Against 'Lovelace'

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by the owner of the copyright of the classic porn film “Deep Throat” against The Weinstein Co., claiming that the biographical 2013 movie “Lovelace” infringed on copyright and trademark rights. 310 more words


Just seen 'Lovelace' for the first time

Just watched Lovelace, the movie made about former porn star Linda Lovelace. One of the good things about pay TV is you can watch a variety of movies without the breaks and for what you pay for the subscription, you get quite a few TV shows and movies out of it. 110 more words


Ghost Town Mysteries: Bradian, B.C., a ghost town for sale

UPDATE: Tom and Katherine Gutenberg, the owners of Bradian, have tentatively accepted an offer on the town.

It’s often assumed that ghost towns are far from civilization, in remote areas difficult to get to. 754 more words



“You know I spent exactly seventeen days in the pornography industry and somehow these seventeen days are supposed to define me for the rest of my life”  1,000 more words

Movie Review

God's Acceptance of Us As Lived Reality

It is often said today…that we must love ourselves before we can be set free to love others. This is certainly the release which we must seek to give our people.

112 more words

Film Friday #189

Boyhood (2014)

Attempting to describe Richard Linklater’s epic coming of age “project” Boyhood in terms of plot will never be satisfactory as essentially, like with most Linklater films, it doesn’t really have one. 1,316 more words