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Fast Friends

Laura became my friend about 18 months ago, moving into our town with her guy and their four children. Like me, she is a corporate wife. 374 more words


The Dates of All Dates

So I’ve made a couple of references about this post. The dates of all dates. In late august I met this amazing guy.

I’m not the romantic type at all. 436 more words


Oxytocin, what a bitch.

Oxytocin. All I can say is what a bitch.

Whoever’s ingenious plan it was to insert this key hormone into the female brain made it damn hard for us girls to have carefree, no strings attached sexual relationships with men. 1,540 more words


Holiday Travel

We live far away from our biological families, and have for our entire marriage. At first we felt it was our obligation to ‘go home’ for the holidays, but the problem was that our families live about a thousand miles away from each other, and we were roughly the same distance from each. 452 more words


Do You Hear What I Hear?

Yep, more than 4500 songs in a month, you read that right. And that wasn’t a big month for us, just normal. We play music on the main floor almost every waking hour of the day, and it serves several purposes: music calms, encourages, reminds and revs us up, it replaces the chatter of a TV  that no one is watching and it provides a lot of conversation when questions are asked about various songs and genres. 89 more words


Heather Whitaker is 'in a relationship' with Herself

Facebook relationship status’ are funny. I remember when me and ex man friend broke up, I took down my relationship status and had messages from several people who I barely speak to asking how I was. 356 more words