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Light and Dark

Sometimes I look at you and you are the only light I see

Sometimes you are also the dark

The fear that I love

The cure that I need… 7 more words

From The Book I will Write One Day: Excerpt 5


He shakes his head, smiling. “Nothing, never mind.”

“Tell me!” I demand through my laughter.

“No, no. I’m drunk enough to want to say it, but I’m sober enough to know I shouldn’t.” This is a feeling I am quite familiar with, so I know if I push a little further he’ll give in. 232 more words


At Your Best

I can hear his laugh in my head and picture the smile that accompanies it. Simultaneously, I remember how he holds me tightly in his embrace. 120 more words

Open to Suggestion

“Are you planning to mow the grass today?” I asked my teenaged son one day over the summer and he replied with an honest, “Nope.” 115 more words


Crazy makeup stages

Our makeup routines vary for different people to suit their preferences and needs. Although we go through different processes in aims to make our faces extra beautiful with the power of makeup or even to just play around, it isn’t questionable that during this makeup process, we ALL go through makeup steps that may look a little…odd. 63 more words