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I absolutely love this piece of a sermon by Jonathan Edwards, called “A Divine and Supernatural Light”

There is a difference between believing that God is holy and gracious, and having a new sense on the heart of the loveliness and… 40 more words


Benefit's They're Real Mascara & Push-Up Liner Review

Hey, folks!

This is going be my first REAL blog entry and that’s why I figured it has to be legendary!!

… It’s not, though. I’m just going to do a review on Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and their They’re Real Push-Up Liner. 406 more words

Beauty: Make-up

Been gone so long...

. It is hard to get going again, but I’m trying!



A few lovely things for today, when I am on my way to Gili, and hopefully am not seasick.


If Only A Glance

Subtle elegance

Never flaunted

Grace with every movement

Gentle soul

Beautiful heart

Loveliness redefined

I am drawn to the pond

Hoping for, if only a glance… 9 more words

if money were no object

Love the message behind this. It seems like we’re told from a very young age that we can be anything we want to be, but then as we get older, as we get closer to actually being grown ups and trying to decide what we should be doing with our lives, we seem to be told instead that so many of our aspirations are childish, and that we need to grow up and get a “real job”. 70 more words


Diet Of Lovely

To make good food, you must eat good food

To give birth to beauty, you must experience beautiful moods
But our perception of beauty is twisted… 163 more words