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The Loveliness book from Two Lovely People

A package arrives. I open it. Loveliness. It’s Ace and Kit’s self-published book of beautiful photos that capture their very heart and art.

I browse through the pages. 163 more words



A few lovely things for today, because I’m procrastinating and because job hunting is the absolute worst.



God Doesn't Love You Because You're Lovely.

Before I write this blog, I would like to share some background information on why I stand where I do today, and how I got to this amazing truth that Jesus doesn’t love me because of my loveliness. 1,463 more words

A Poem A Day #461

A field of flowers,
A book, and a cup of tea.
These are lovely things.

By Catherine Joy


Cosmic Drama

It is when you rise up to meet me that I find you most beautiful.
When your tears float toward me as though gravity is in suspension, 71 more words


Reteaching Someone Their Loveliness

Most of us know someone who isn’t sure of themselves, who doubts their worth, has lost faith in themselves. Quite often we feel that way ourselves, and let’s face it, it hurts like hell. 31 more words


Day 72 - Fire

In embers unseen
And squatting
Mindful logs,
Dreams suddenly
Flare up,
Waft in the breeze
Of a silent hope
And are gone
Long before… 33 more words