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You're almost 22, here are some things that I love about YOU!

I love the way you hold me after I’ve had a bad dream.

I love your passion for working for and selling on eBay.

I love your thirst for Jesus and learning more from God’s word. 103 more words


Mine is a Jealous Heart

Listening in on teen conversations is not one of the things that make me want to turn back the hands of time! If you pay attention to the entries in their social networks, you see everything from mushy teenage love to saying terrible things to one another or deleting a friend to show their disapproval or anger. 613 more words


Demonic dancers
Languid lovers
Fiery foes
Inhabit slivers
of life

I gurn
each leaf
to reach you
my favourite page



Your touch
as soft
as peach

Hearts ripe
like grapes
on a vine

No need
to make
me ache
for you

You exist

I ache

You’re mine


Can opposite sexes just be friends ?

I recently came across this situation and in my normal fashion I wanted to find out what other people thought. So I found myself on YouTube and came across this gripping spoken word by talented poets Chozen and Sophia Thakur. 133 more words

Letter to my lover…

I wish I could draw you a picture, I tried

I wish I could sing you a song, I failed

Words fail me and so does the strong feeling of hatred I have for myself and for you. 76 more words

Written Word

My Best Friend: Daily Prompt


Daily Prompts don’t usually make me cry, but this one has.

The guy I refer to on here as ‘Boyf’ was my best friend and my lover too, and thinking of those times makes my heart clench with loss and sadness. 307 more words

Daily Prompt