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Once you have savored on the extraordinary sense of bliss, going back to the ordinary routine feels tedious. It isn’t that you weren’t living before this particularly beautiful thing occurred in your life but now that it did and had its branch grown firmly through the window of your life for quite some time, while you kept plucking fruits that grew on it; it is letting go of the branch that is difficult when it is time to cut it off and set the tree free to sway to the wind as it naturally should. 191 more words

A Quick Photoshoot with Frankie

All photos were taken in my kitchen during the daylight, with no additional lights utilized. Used Lightroom 5 to edit and watermark.



She doesn’t really understand how important she is to me. We’re together all the time, but she still doesn’t completely understand. And maybe that’s my fault. 249 more words

Garden Musts For The Outside Lover

It’s lastly that blissful time of year exactly where green starts to reappear across the lawn and the flower buds make their slow reappearance after a lengthy rest in the course of the winter. 20 more words

Daily Ideas

Almost Lover

My Almost Lover,

Going past the point of your perfumed words
Past the warmth of your hand entwined in mine
And the gleam in your eyes looking at me… 84 more words

Spilled Ink

Cute logo

A really cute logo I’ve found on a site.