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Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Rating: 4/5

Age rating: PG-13 (sexual innuendos, mild violence)

Misaki Ayuzawa is the female student council president of an almost-all-male school.  She has worked hard for her place as the president, and uses her power to the fullest. 148 more words


Wake Up in the Morning Feelin' Like P.Diddy

JERSEY CITY – No, not really but I figured an out-of-place title might throw you off your guard and make the ol’ blogular seem dangerous and exciting. 941 more words


Kimi Ni Todoke


Rating: 3/5

Age Rating: PG

Sawako (not Sadako) Kuronuma has always been mistaken as a witch and avoided because of her straight long hair and strange inability to smile normally(?). 106 more words


Forever, Love

I am here
My love

My heart
Once bitter
And cold

Saw parts of me
That were broken
You took them
And completed me… 18 more words


Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Forsake Me

Midnight watch
I strike down
The wrong felon

Hate me
Love me
Just don’t forsake me
Otherwise the watch
Will be there
Thirty times three… 33 more words


"Live for me"

Live for today
Strive for tomorrow
Live for me
There will be no sorrow

Live for me
And I will show you
A world of splendor… 20 more words


The Theory of Evolution

JERSEY CITY – Now don’t be put off on the title, this isn’t a creationist debate or entry. In fact, I couldn’t care less how we got here; let alone if we were created by a divine being or just happened to outsmart bacteria a millennia ago, the point is: We’re here. 633 more words