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“An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have:  the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.” 

Agatha Christie


The Theory of Evolution

JERSEY CITY – Now don’t be put off on the title, this isn’t a creationist debate or entry. In fact, I couldn’t care less how we got here; let alone if we were created by a divine being or just happened to outsmart bacteria a millennia ago, the point is: We’re here. 633 more words


Shimmer Globe

A shimmer-glass globe
Holds those gone September days,
Long past, far away.
Hope’s infinity, encased—
Treasure sealed in time preserved.

I shake it gently:
Mercurial autumn hues, 44 more words


Human Relationships: The Crowd and The Individual

Here’s to my latest encounter with inter-sex relationships. It’s a new year for me and I’m already off to an interesting start. The latest thing that I have done to increase my chances of being called weird is send a girl named Lily, whom I’ve never met, pearls. 1,874 more words


Crinkled Missives

Wind rattles leaves like

Letters against smudged window;

Crinkled sepia

Missives–words verdigris with

Repeated tear-blurred readings.


Sentences blown swift

In ambiguous kindness

Of bold-stroked distance; 13 more words


Not That Far....

“When the water moves,
Your face dances like summer.”
Echo of your words
Brings back the knee-high ripples;
A span of sand–hand in hand. 27 more words



Futile effort: Scrub
The separating curtain,
Veil—‘tween life and death.
‘Tis not film of grime at all—
Mirrored shadows dark, which call.

I’d wish a window— 74 more words