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The Rules: Revised

JERSEY CITY – Remember a few years ago a book came out that dozens of women ran out and bought (or maybe tens, I have no concept of math and believe that if I can’t see people then they don’t exist) a book called The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. 2,462 more words


Love's Labors Lost Online

JERSEY CITY -  Love is a beautiful thing. No quips, no pithy or snide comment, it is. According to science, when you’re in love your brain produces more melatonin and your nipples light up like Rudolph (I made most of this up). 898 more words


Worst Date

I went on what I’m certain was the worst date I’ve ever been on (and this is including the date where my car got towed during and argument) with a girl I think tried to run up a high bill at the restaurant for the sole purpose of punishing me for asking her out. 379 more words


White Sails

The coastline is magnificent,
The bay is majestic.
I stand at the very tip
And look towards the sea..

The wind tugs at my clothes, 181 more words

A Last Farewell

Slowly, I step around it,
This figure lying on the floor.
I see him breathe in and out,
Chest rising and falling gently.

The dawn is beautiful, 121 more words