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A Spirit of Repentence

JERSEY CITY – You know, I’m feelin’ pretty good today. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I actually got off my butt and went to the gym today, could be that this is the type of weather ’round here that I thrive in. 632 more words


Mystique de Luna

Fevered love affair;

Wild, this mystique de Luna

Torches, tangles me–

Then abandons me to wait,

Anticipate un-Mused fate….

© Ponder, 2014


Aquarium Guy-Gab

It seems a tadpole

Fishy that she acts so koi

When I sing bass, but

It’s good she doesn’t carp–much.

At night, she’s a piranha….

© Ponder, 2014


Coppered Words

I remember love

From yesterday–little words,

Moments on a page.

Each letter spells out candles

Sent billowing ’round the world.


Like bright kites of light, 19 more words


Full Moon Mistress

Mistress, Indigo

Aristocracy–she makes

Head-turning entrance

Trailing veil and train amid

Wispy muse-mist, silver blue.


She doesn’t speak; leaves

Everyone hushed, wondering

What the brouhaha… 10 more words


Waltzing to Blues

Mesmerized by your

Painted terra cotta sky,

I watch cinnamon

Leaves fall in waltz time against

Sunset framed with Papa’s blues.

© Ponder, 2014


In Stars



In stars

I see your eyes,

Your smile–They bright the night,

Spark glitter dust raised by my dreams,

Till dawn.

© Ponder, 2013