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Maya's story p2 "her"

It all started in her 8th class. She was beautiful, shy and too innocent maybe…her blue eyes and blonde hair I’ll leave the way she looked for you to imagine..she was too innocent to realise how beautiful she is. 219 more words



The hotel room was dark when she returned from dinner, and for a moment she stood still, to see what it felt like to be alone and quiet. 267 more words

Conceptual Love

Weird was the trade when I asked your pain,

Even an inch of your smile could never go in vain,

May be I loved you a lot, 67 more words

things i love about you

you begged the lady in target to help you find the
beyonce bandaids

you were drunk
you skinned your knee

your blood in aisle 9


Starry Night

Starry night

We sat beneathe this sky.

Holding hands

Planning our life.

“There we build a beautiful hut”

He said with a blush

And I saw the sparkle in his eyes. 26 more words