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Beat Of The Heart ( Runaway Train #2) - Katie Ashley

Book Description

After years of bad relationships and a cheating ex-fiancé, twenty-eight-year-old Mia Martinelli prefers healing her patients’ hearts on the Cardiac Care floor rather than risking having her heart broken again. 710 more words


Something that we miss way too often.

We’re always looking for something else.

Never notice when the best is right in front of us.

What if instead of looking for the next big thing, we just took in the current moment? 119 more words

Who gives a fuck about your first love. Give a big round of applause for your second love, because they taught you love still exists after you thought it never could again.

**POST ALERT ** K. E. Osborn - Love Me? Trust Me? Trilogy

Trust Me?

The Trust Me? Trilogy
Book 1
KE Osborn

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9780992333805

Number of pages: 326 pages
Word Count: approx 85,000… 1,854 more words