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The Father I Never Had


The Father I Never Had

“What are you talking about?” Said Alex. “This is your father Jon,” Said Alex’s Mom. For a moment I stared at him, I can’t tell you how many times I wondered what he would look like. 425 more words


Let Her Go

‘Let her go’ by Passengers.  This song is so touching. The first time I listen to it, I really wanted to write a story about it.

19 more words

Just take one day at a time

“Just take one day at a time.”

It was just annoying to hear. Of course you take one day at a time. But I had a problem and I wanted my dilemma solved. 399 more words

Taste of Desire (part 2)

After a few seconds or so, which felt like an eternity to Claire, she turned her head, more nervous than before, and decided she needs to keep a cool head, and think about her reason for being in the club in the first place. 860 more words


A Love Story: Part 3

After my Future Husband moved we didn’t text much.

I continued to have a slew of first dates and a ton of fun outings with one of my best friends.   823 more words


A Love Story: Part 2

My Future Husband and I traded numbers that evening.

I was getting ready to leave at 4 am when I figured my roommate would most definitely not be making a reappearance so I needed a way to get a hold of someone who knew here whereabouts were she not to return.   926 more words


A Love Story: Part 1

It all started with MySpace.

I had received a private message from a guy who lived just up the hill from me.  I didn’t know who he was but he had noticed that we lived in the same town and wanted to know if I’d like to meet up at a party he was attending later that week.   785 more words