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S for Skype

Hello everyone,

So just a quick update on what’s been going on with S and myself lately :
S has now started the job hunt phase! 634 more words


Mental case.

Aristotle believed that the center for thought lies in the heart and that the brain helps cool the body.

You are laughing really hard -maybe not so hard- at his ignorance right now but you are probably as guilty of this foolishness as he was. 302 more words


For the hungry man: What it is.

I apologize for my unexplained absence and lack of commitment to posting here regularly… I don’t think that will do, so here’s an explanation: Some sand somehow got in my eyes- figuratively speaking- and all my strength and attention these past weeks have been focused on getting the sand out and seeing clearly again. 1,050 more words


Re: Good news and new news

———-  Forwarded message  ———-

Date:  Fri, 1 Aug 1997  12:40:00  -0600  (MDT)

From:  Saville

To:  Soulcatcher

Subject:  Re:  Good news and new news

DAMNIT!  How am I going to suffer through the long nights at Walker Yard without the occasional view of you running by my desk?  273 more words



All Paru could do was stare at Yui. She loved how she looked when she was serious, but she especially loved it when she smiled. “Yui.” Paru called out. 209 more words

What it is, what it's not.

‘I  love you’. He blurted and quickly averted his eyes. She turned three shades of red…

That’s an excerpt from a novel I read many years ago. 1,203 more words