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Lurrv musings...

I hear raindrops falling outside my window,
It’s 4 o’clock in the morn, I’m staring at my bedroom wall,
Immediately my mind shifts to you, 79 more words


Dear you,

When I’m in love,
I should’ve never
believed my eyes
because everything I see
is nothing but your most captivating smile.

When I’m in love, 116 more words

God must have a sense of humor

I like to picture God with a sense of humor. Not the laugh-at-people-tripping-over-their-shoelaces kind of humor or the sarcastic putdown.  Not even the self-deprecating jibe.  After all, He’s the creator of the universe, so He has nothing to deprecate about Himself.   581 more words


S For Sugar (Part II)

The next time we met was a few days after the spontaneous meet up, and this time with a bunch of friends. We were heading to a game center where you have to escape from rooms using your wits and brains. 278 more words


Brandy Refuses To Talk About Her Relationship With Ryan Press

Last year Brandy was all lovey dovey and seem to have a happy relationship with her fiancé ‘Ryan Press‘, now the singer is telling the media to stay away.


What is love?

The following is a paper that I wrote for English class and I thought it was a pretty good examination of love (plus it includes a Regina Spektor quote and a Jars of Clay song). 770 more words

★ Lovey Dovey Pet Names (relationships)

Hello everyone!!

Something that has always been hard for me are the lovey dovey pet names in relationships. I used to call my exbf “cosito” but that was a one time inspirational moment allowed only once in my life. 484 more words