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The Stranger

Any group discussing the lovingkindness meditation may find a wide variety of initial responses to the experience. When asked, “What was the hardest part for you?” There are a variety of responses. 241 more words

According To Your Loving Kindness

A Bible chorus of confession based on Psalm 51.

According To Your Loving Kindness
According to thy loving kindness, Heavenly Father
Have mercy on this sinful wretched soul. 109 more words

Bible Choruses

Take a breath

Oh, my dear one, prepare.  You will have distractions to try to turn you from your course.  Keep your eyes on Me.  Focus your eyes on Me.  162 more words

Have a powerful year by doing this simple thing

Why are we so afraid to trust God?

Why do we insist on doing things our own way?

Is it that we have forgotten:

Who we serve… 243 more words

Bible Verse

Excited at first? Has your plan to blog daily lost it's dazzle?

Yesterday I posted for the first time in a long time, and I don’t know why or how, but my whole day went better.  I recall how it was when I started; I thought “this blog will be my positive start to each day, a way to listen to the loving voices in me and defuse the doubting, depressed ones.”  Then alas, I fell off the trolley.,..but as in my post from yesterday, I now simply BEGIN AGAIN. 281 more words

I Need a Boyfriend: The Truth

by Erin Davis

by Erin Davis

Romantic relationships can be wonderful, but there’s a problem if we look to another person for fulfillment.

I Need a Boyfriend: The Truth… 605 more words


The cultivation of loving kindness: a variation on the metta bhavana

The metta bhavana – cultivation of loving kindness and benevolence – is a Buddhist meditation form helpful for developing acceptance and forgiveness. The practice promotes the state of love and kindness without condition, attachment or judgement. 867 more words

Loving Kindness