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A transcendent experience during a loving-kindness guided meditation allowed me to realize that everything I had been searching for with psychedelics was of no use to me, indeed they would never have the answers that I sought. 193 more words

Your Word Magnified

Father, I will praise You with my whole heart…I will worship toward Your Holy Temple, and praise Your Name for Your loving kindness and for Your truth: for You have magnified Your Word above all Your Name (Ps. 70 more words


The Ultimate

set aside if you can, at least from the fretting angle. ask for Loving Kindness help: the ultimate counselor!

Right Brain

None Better

no better source of help exists than Loving Kindness.

Right Brain

A Sea of Love

Opening my heart has proven a difficult task over the years. I’ve had the past relationships like so many others that have left me somewhat jaded; left me feeling a little raw. 394 more words


Using this Blog in the Classroom

Good evening everyone,

Having thought a bit more about the direction of this blog, I am starting to wonder about the implications of sharing this website with my students and their parents. 989 more words