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His loving-kindness.

“Who redeems your life from the pit and corruption, Who beautifies, dignifies and crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercy.” Psalm 103:4 Amp.

Beautifies you. 423 more words


BLOG: Feed Your Soul With Joy -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

Even when we are sad, sick, or stressed, we can feed our soul with joy; we can CHOOSE to feel happy, uplifted, excited, even exuberant! It’s exactly what we need when we are feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions. 184 more words

Cathy W. Lauro


I skipped writing yesterday in the name of retreating and resting.

I’m on a three-day rest and retreat. I could go on much longer like this, I’m sure, but there’s just now, and this is what is. 498 more words

Fat Talk, Body Shaming & Other Forms of Self-Bullying: A Call for Loving Kindness

Most of us have been guilty of engaging in “fat talk” and other forms of self-shaming. In fact, it’s common enough among women (although men do it too) to be considered “normal.” However, we know that fat shaming is associated with poorer body image, depressed mood, and other negative effects. 38 more words

true understanding...

Do you love reading?

Do you contemplate after your reading?

Do you understand what have you read?

Do you apply whatever you read to improve  and enhance  your life and others? 502 more words


Other/Mother/Another? Lover...

He was threatening my safety

He tried to touch my gun

I am justice

Extending justice to all

I am on the side of right… 135 more words



I went to visit HHDL last week, and much to my surprise there were protesters outside. Most of the protestors were of European decent, much like me, except they had megaphones and all I had was a tea cake.                                                       399 more words