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Attitude of Soul and Supersensible knowledge  

In one region of the soul every human being has a natural aptitude which in all other areas it would need considerable effort to gain supersensible knowledge about.  103 more words


How to Truly Forgive and Then Truly Forget

It constantly amazes me how some people can remember the smallest details of everything that happened around a particular event while others don’t remember clearly what happened yesterday let alone last week, last month or last year. 896 more words


Do You Really Know Who Your Partner Is?

How often have you gotten to a place in your life with someone you think you know, as well as anyone can, just to find that they continue to surprise you? 582 more words


How to Create a Happy Marriage?

Some of the issues that disrupt a relationship can include a history of stereotyping or mistrust, blaming the other person for the difficulties that will and do arise, excluding or discounting the other’s feelings when focusing on a task, having no clear and defined objectives as well as where roles and expectations of each person in the relationship are undefined or not defined clearly. 565 more words


Rediscovering Sex after Pregnancy

A common question I’m asked after a couple has just had a child is: “When can we have sex again?” The short answer is: “When it feels right”. 792 more words


Giving Your Heart To Another

What is love? Is love not a surrender? What capacity to love does any one person have?

Truly, love is your ability, your willingness, your… 176 more words