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He Has Never Said “I Love You”

This email came through to my desk last week and it left me feeling very concerned for the young person who sent it. It said: 766 more words


Is love a nebulous feeling that comes upon you when the time is right? Or is built from certain attitudes and actions people choose to have toward each other? 400 more words


Don’t be angry 莫生气

Life’s but a fleeting moment on the stage;

fate has brought us together.

It is not easy growing old as one;

does that not make it all the more precious? 348 more words


Knowing When the Time Is Right to Marry

When I was young, many years ago now, the dream of most young women was to finish school acquire some training of some sort and get a job. 601 more words


What's The Good Of Marrying?

This week I received an email with a number of questions relating to the good of getting married. Here are my answers as they were asked in the email. 648 more words


Attitude of Soul and Supersensible knowledge  

In one region of the soul every human being has a natural aptitude which in all other areas it would need considerable effort to gain supersensible knowledge about.  103 more words


How to Truly Forgive and Then Truly Forget

It constantly amazes me how some people can remember the smallest details of everything that happened around a particular event while others don’t remember clearly what happened yesterday let alone last week, last month or last year. 896 more words