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May Is For Metta 2014 ~ Coming Soon To A Cushion Near You!

“Though we all have the seed of loving-friendliness within us, we must make the effort to cultivate it.  When we are rigid, uptight, tense, anxious, full of worries or fears, our natural capacity for loving-friendliness cannot flourish.  971 more words

Big Picture

Metta Monday: Beauty and Imperfection

“Our lives our beautiful only because our lives are imperfect.”

-William Kim


Loving-kindness Meditation

On a bus or train: Loving-kindness meditation

Of all the Buddhist meditations, loving-kindness is the one that can immediately reverse negative thought patterns. The most common form of the practice is in five stages. 259 more words


Eternal Love

I am so grateful as I look up and see that His love and kindness for us, for those that revere and respect Him, is as big and great as much as the heavens are high above the earth. 213 more words



It’s funny to me to see just how backwards we can be at times. Think about one of the hardest concepts man cannot fathom: God has always existed, man has not. 886 more words

Let the Redeemed of the LORD Say So

Let  the Redeemed  of the LORD  Say So

People often  seem reluctant  to talk  about our adversary  —  the devil.     It just kinda seems embarrassing  that we get tripped up  by him  so often.     676 more words


True compassion is always in union with wisdom

This week a patient arrived in a state of abject grief. A teen he knew had committed suicide. “I couldn’t sleep; so I tried offering the parents of this child lovingkindness. 428 more words

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