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Hello 3am

Hello 3am said no sane person ever, after having over a month of waking up at that time and then being unable to get back to sleep no matter what time they nodded off. 1,339 more words

Low Blood Pressure

What is Babesia

Babesia is a parasite and one of the infections transmitted by a tic along with Lyme disease, bartonella and mycoplasma infections. Symptoms of babesiosis are similar to those of Lyme disease but it more often starts with a high fever and chills. 88 more words


what is Low Blood Pressure

What is Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure in medical term is called Hypotension. This happens due to the low flow of blood through arteries. Low flow of blood in the arteries and veins can lead to less oxygen being passed to vital organs. 259 more words

Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

In medical term high blood pressure is called hypertension, which means high pressure in the arteries. Arteries are vessels and they carry blood from the heart to all vital organs of the body. 225 more words

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Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

Kev: “Oh, you’ve got your froggies on.”  I’m an actual grown-up child.  Also, it’s freezing in my house because we’re too cheap to turn up the heat. 998 more words

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self-experiment: essential oils to fight dizziness

Today while researching strategies to fight my dizziness and googling the properties of ginkgo biloba I came across an interesting article on the applications of rosemary. 464 more words

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The week from hell!!

It’s so true in the saying that we all have our week from hell. I think mine has been during this past week  or so. 1,111 more words

Depression Is An Illness NOT A Weakness