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Where Time Slows to an Easy Pace

Jama Ecuador (Manabi Province)
Only one street back from the center of town, Hostal Ciragan provides a quiet respite – unless there’s an all-night fiesta nearby! 127 more words


The fun and interesting guide to caffeine, and why it isn't bad for you

Oh yes, a post on caffeine. In spite of the fact I love the stuff, it isn’t bad for you in certain quantities, it can actually be a performance booster, and it comes in some foods/beverages I dearly love (IE: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate) some folks tend to hate on caffeine. 1,079 more words

Chocolate lovers—and eaters—are still healthy

If there aren’t already a million reasons why we love chocolate, recent news has given us one more, proving claims that dark chocolate is healthy. We all know that dark chocolate contains antioxidants, which promote a healthy immune system, warding off cancer. 384 more words


20140313 Days 7 - 11

Finally got the energy and brain power back to log in again.  What a disastrous few days, not from my eating point of view but from my body’s point of view. 582 more words

Week 22 (nutrition & the best nightmare)

I mentioned previously my light-headedness recently as a result of low blood pressure or what-not. I’ve been keeping track of my blood pressure and glucose levels to make sure that baby and I are staying as healthy as possible these days. 478 more words


Down the EDS (and MCAD) rabbit hole...

Alice in Wonderland doesn’t hold a candle to me – or anyone else with Ehlers-Danlos Syndome of any kind, I’d say. As long, winding and mind-bending as… 2,874 more words