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About roses and thorns

Two children on the way… how blessed can one feel?
Hubby and I are very happy with what is happening inside my belly.
Even Gwen and Maya sympathize in their own way. 755 more words

Twin Pregnancy

Few And Far Between

Well, good morning. It’s another beautiful day!

Pity it was such a craptastic night.

My vision went a bit weird while watching a movie last night, and so I had to compose myself for the rest of it – trying not to entertain my anxious thoughts that I was perhaps dying, you know how it is. 166 more words


Heart Monitor

The summer Dr. Kevorkian died, I was standing at a stop sign, wearing a heart monitor.

It was spying on me. I was supposed to carry on with my day as I normally would have and even work out if I felt like it, but I feared the things the heart monitor might have registered. 945 more words


Steeped in Tradition

“You know you want one.”
“Yeah, all the cool kids are doing it!”
“Come on, just one glass. You look like you could use it.” 515 more words

Human Behavior

Sugar Detox

One of the first places to start in managing Endo, in my opinion, is to remove sugar from the diet.  Sugar causes all kinds of hormonal imbalances and wreaks havoc on the body, especially the liver, the adrenals, the kidneys, etc.   1,142 more words


Why Meditate?

When you attend a Yoga class you will be asked to remove your shoes and leave them outside the class.

Yes it free’s your feet from boots and shoes and your feet enjoy that. 463 more words

Gravity and why it's a bitch

So, I’ve had a few people ask about my blog’s title, “Gravity’s a Bitch.” For the POTSies out there, I’m guessing you already know, but for everyone else, let me take a moment to explain. 874 more words