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Chia Pudding Recipe / Chia Puding Recept

This week I brought you a very tasty, yet incredibly healthy Chia pudding recipe! First, let’s talk a little bit about the health benefits of Chia Seeds, as they are among the most nutritious food on the planet.. 695 more words


Low Carb diet updates

It’s been almost two months since I started the carb-free diet for 6 days a week. I will still have a cheat day on Sunday, but I try not to overdo it with carbs on that day. 883 more words


Salad with Goat Cheese, Pears and Mustard/Garlic Vinaigrette

Salads are a big part of our diet. We have them almost every dinner with many types of  dressings. One I made recently is a variation of classic vinaigrette. 270 more words


Spring Salad Recipe: Green Goodness Salad

It’s green, green, everywhere! Well, in Australia it is! It’s salad time and this delightful couldn’t be more enjoyable and easy to prepare if it tried. 131 more words

Smokey Bacon and Jalapeno Cheddar Soup (Low Carb)

Adopting a low carb lifestyle hasn’t been easy. Especially since I love food more than I love almost anything on the planet. If it were up to me, I’d quit my job in a heartbeat just to hang out in the kitchen all day long. 746 more words


Colourful Smoked Salmon Salad / Színes Füstolt Lazac Saláta

A real simple, quick and colourful recipe! :)

Ingredients :

-  a handful of watercress

-  half a clementine

- half an avocado

-  1-2 slices of smoked salmon, torn into pieces… 203 more words


Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Soup (Low Carb)

I don’t want to say that I’m replacing potatoes with cauliflower in this recipe because cauliflower in place of other things is mostly bullshit. I may even go a step further to say that cauliflower is mostly bullshit. 590 more words


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