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LCMB joins Low Carbon Oxford!

We are really happy to welcome LCMB to our growing Pathfinder community! Head of Carbon and Energy Reduction, Matt Whitehead, pictured, signed the charter and here is why LCMB have decided to join Low Carbon Oxford: “We first came across Low Carbon Oxford at the launch of the Too Good to Waste programme, … 198 more words


Owning a Tesla in Norway

Whenever one sees a Tesla, we feel a streak of envy and think, “Wow, cool car…but really expensive.” However in Bergen, my guide surprised me by explaining that in Norway, a Tesla is not expensive at all. This video clip explains.

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Low-carbon displaces coal in Poland's plan

Poland will reduce dependence on brown and black coal by introducing nuclear power and renewables, according a draft energy policy to 2050 released for consultation. 265 more words


#Passivhaus Fact Sheet 15 – #PHPP Hitting Primary Energy Requirements

This Fact Sheet on ‘Hitting Primary Energy Requirements in PHPP’ was harder to write than that on Space Heating Demand as there’s a lot of variables concerning frequency of use and energy consumption figures; I have however tried to keep it to the single sheet (in line with all the other… 61 more words


Scope 2 Accounting - treatment of green power

An increasing number of companies tend to purchase or even generate green power. Today the focus is mainly on green electricity out of renewable sources or considered as low-carbon or “carbon free” electricity. 1,215 more words


Power to Gas: Connecting the Grids

Hydrogen produced from surplus renewable power, or gasification of coal/biomass with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), can be injected into the gas grid and used as a major energy store to support the decarbonisation and distribution of energy supplies.   1,227 more words

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Events at The Tetley - charcoal

I had never put on events or organised talks as part of my practice as an artist – I’ve been part of panels, open studios, works in progress talks etc but I had never considered involving other people to talk about their practice as part of my practice. 151 more words